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In The Trajectory

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In The Trajectory
In The Trajectory

Video: In The Trajectory

Video: In The Trajectory
Video: Gayatri Spivak: The Trajectory of the Subaltern in My Work 2023, June

Any smoke traces from fireworks rockets can be removed with polishing varnishes. Nevertheless, vehicles should not necessarily be parked in front of bars or trendy meeting places on New Year's Eve.

Choosing the right parking space on New Year's Eve makes a lot of sense. ACE Auto Club Europa recommends avoiding residential streets near bars, marketplaces and trendy meeting places. It would be better to park vehicles in secure garages or multi-storey car parks at night at the turn of the year, the club said.

Risky car journeys

Timely communication with Knaller fans in the neighborhood also makes sense. "Better to send a friendly warning beforehand than to report it later," recommends the club. Drivers would have to expect at least traces of smoke if the vehicle were to be in the trajectory of any transverse rockets launched from terraces and balconies.

Car trips on New Year's Eve are also sometimes risky. Many contemporaries make fun of throwing ignited firecrackers at passing cars. The ACE emphasizes that anyone who is in the vicinity of «launch zones» must be aware of the dangers of blasting.

No unconditional claim for damages

Therefore, an injury does not necessarily lead to an unlimited claim for damages. However, private liability insurance usually comes into play if, for example, a firework has caused damage or if the person who caused the damage was clumsy with fireworks, for example. When it comes to questions of liability, the assessment of the individual case is always decisive, according to the ACE. (AG)

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