Porsche Polishes Up The Boxster

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Porsche Polishes Up The Boxster
Porsche Polishes Up The Boxster

Video: Porsche Polishes Up The Boxster

Video: Porsche Polishes Up The Boxster
Video: Porsche Boxster 2016 2.5 (350 л.с.) PDK 718 Boxster S - видеообзор 2023, December

The Porsche Boxster remains unrivaled in the roadster class. Before the new model comes onto the market, the Zuffenhausen-based company improved the current version.

Stefan Grundhoff

It has been on the market since 1996 and its sales are now stalling. But against the Porsche Boxster, the roadster competition from Mercedes SLK, BMW Z 3 and Co. has so far not achieved anything. When it comes to driving fun and dynamism, the Boxster has been outstripping its competitors for years. Since the successor will only be available on the market in 2005, Porsche revised its Boxster slightly.

The boxer engine is bubbling

If you start the engine by turning the key, you will hear the rumbling bubbling of the six-cylinder boxer that delights all Porsche fans. In the standard Boxster, the 2.7-liter unit brings 168 KW / 228 PS to the rear axle. The maximum torque of 260 Nm is available at 4,700 rpm. The Tiptronic, which is subject to a surcharge, is out of the question for real roadster fans. With the precisely working manual gearbox, it takes exactly 6.3 seconds to reach the 100 km / h mark; the maximum speed is measured at 251 km / h.

The average consumption was surprisingly positive in the practical test. Although the Porsche Boxster also swallows the premium fuel SuperPlus, it was satisfied with an average of 10.9 liters per 100 kilometers. Even with a sporty, ambitious driving style, it was seldom more than 12 liters - that is quite impressive for a fun roadster with six cylinders. The styling of the Porsche Boxster is timelessly beautiful. The slight retouching on the rear and front hardly distinguishes it from models from the late 90s.

The Boxster's engine is barely accessible behind the seats. The small service unit for water and oil is provisionally shown in the right corner of the rear trunk. There is another luggage compartment above the front axle. Both storage spaces are definitely sufficient for a two-week trip to Italy and comfort the inadequate storage space in the tightly dimensioned interior of the roadster. There is even space for a large suitcase lying on its side under the front flap. There is 130 liters of storage space at the front and rear.

Driving machine with addiction factor

But the Porsche should not be misused as a delivery van. It is much more suitable as an addictive driving machine. If you want to chase a Porsche over narrow country roads and mountain passes, you don't have to choose the Boxster S or even a big 911.

The well-balanced six-cylinder engine is just as convincing as the pleasantly firm, but not too hard, chassis tuning. The controls still deserve top marks. The rack and pinion steering works extremely precisely with its hydraulic support and provides excellent ground contact at all times.

Good suspension setup

The good weight distribution of the Porsche Boxster is a guarantee for the good suspension setup. The engine is centrally located between the two axles, with favorable mass. So the Boxster presents itself as extremely neutral even in the limit area. The electronic stability program (ESP) only comes into play late.

Those who like it a bit sportier can opt for the optional sports suspension. Here the Boxster is 10 millimeters lower. There are also harder springs, sportier damping and larger anti-roll bars. Result: The Boxster is even more direct and sporty than ever. The 4-piston fixed calliper brakes are known to be powerful and bring the Boxster to a stop in less than 37 meters.

The 18-inch rims of the test vehicle, which are subject to a surcharge, played a major role in the driving dynamics. The tires (width 225 at the front and 275 at the rear) kept firm contact with the asphalt in the curves and did not run uncomfortably.

Hardly any shoulder or leg room


The interior of the Stuttgart car is sporty and elegant, typical of Porsche. The instruments can be read very well day and night. In addition to the conventional analog displays, there is a large digital speedometer and an on-board computer, which is a little awkward to operate using its own steering column stalk. Unfortunately, the electric roof still has to be unlocked manually - the rest is done in 20 seconds at the push of a switch. The switches at the center tunnel could, however, be illuminated a little more courageously in the dark.

Drivers of all sizes will find a good seating position in the Boxster. Unfortunately, the steering wheel can only be adjusted axially. However, the space in the interior is not exactly generous. Especially the shoulder and leg room you would like longer journeys to be more generous. After all, after the facelift there is a revised center console and an - albeit unfortunate place - cup holder.

Tight price for fun car

Anyone who wants to drive a Porsche has always had to have the necessary change. With the Porsche Boxster, this is less due to the reasonable base price of 42,256 euros. Rather, the optional equipment has a hefty surcharge. In line with their class, most opt for leather seats (from 2,668 euros), sports steering wheels (835 euros), xenon lights (916 euros), wind deflectors (319 euros) or a hardtop (2,093 euros).

If you don't want to do without comfort features such as door panels and center console made of leather (858 euros), Park Control (475 euros) and a navigation system (3,033 euros), the price drops to over 53,000 euros - a tight price for a fun machine.