From Spurned To Success Story

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From Spurned To Success Story
From Spurned To Success Story

Video: From Spurned To Success Story

Video: From Spurned To Success Story
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In just under five years, Dacia has sold 150,000 vehicles in Germany. The sales figures for the first five months of 2010 indicate a new record.

The critics rang the bell when the Dacia Logan hit the market in 2005. The not exactly beautiful notchback sedan did not meet the western demands for many - especially the low price of 7200 euros was a criterion for many that there was no quality in the Logan.

Seven models in five years

Sure, there was no ESP and the number of airbags was limited, but the price was attractive, especially when other models followed. First came the station wagon, then the Sandero, and finally the SUV Duster. There are a total of seven models on the German market, and the notchback sedan hardly plays a role in the sales statistics, which after five years of existence of the brand in Germany posted 150,000 sales.

"The Dacia brand is developing excellently and has established itself very well on the German market with a market share of around 1.0 percent," says Achim Schaible, CEO of Renault Deutschland AG, which also includes the Dacia brand, "our youngest Dacia Model, the SUV Duster, offers all the requirements for a bestseller and will continue this success story ».

Sales target only internally

And that there is a sequel seems as good as a done deal. In the first five months of the year, Dacia has already sold 13,000 vehicles, including 5800 Sandero vehicles. “The Sandero models almost always make up almost half of all Dacia sales in Germany. That's a tendency,”said Caroline Sambale, Corporate Communications Officer at Autogazette.

But there is only one sales target for this year internally. The scrappage bonus made sales soaring last year. With a total of 84,000 vehicles sold in 2009 alone, more than half of all Dacias sold in Germany to date were sold. A number that even cheap, successful models cannot repeat. (AG)