German Manufacturers In The USA With Sales Growth

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German Manufacturers In The USA With Sales Growth
German Manufacturers In The USA With Sales Growth

Video: German Manufacturers In The USA With Sales Growth

Video: German Manufacturers In The USA With Sales Growth
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With the exception of Audi, the German car manufacturers in the USA made strong gains in November. By contrast, General Motors' sales on the home market collapsed.

The German automakers in the US almost all grew in November and sold more vehicles than a year ago. Only the VW subsidiary Audi had to shift down a gear according to the latest figures from Monday.

C-Class as a classic

The world's largest car company General Motors posted a sharp drop in sales in its home market. The number two worldwide, the Japanese manufacturer Toyota, increased slightly. The second largest US manufacturer Ford sold more cars for the first time in twelve months.

The BMW Group sold a total of 26,985 BMW and Mini brand cars in November, an increase of 4.2 percent. The BMW brand itself grew by 5.3 percent to 23,808 vehicles, while 3,177 vehicles were delivered 3.3 percent more of the small Mini. Mercedes-Benz sold 22,819 cars, which is an increase of 3.4 percent. The best model was again the new C-Class with 6,920 cars sold, an increase of 56 percent.

Jetta increases, A4 dismantles

Volkswagen delivered 17,689 VW brand vehicles, 3.6 percent more than a year earlier. The most important model, the Jetta, increased by 8.2 percent to 7,781 vehicles.

As the only German manufacturer, the VW subsidiary Audi sold 9,104 vehicles in November, fewer cars than in the same period last year - a drop of 1.1 percent. The main reason was the slump in the most important A4 model, which is about to change models in America.

Ford ends negative series

Thanks to the new Cayenne, Porsche grew and sold a total of 2,776 cars, two percent more. The revised Cayenne off-road vehicle was 59 percent up on the previous year with 1294 units sold.

Toyota's sales in North America rose 0.3 percent to 197,189 vehicles. General Motors fell back sharply and delivered 11.4 percent fewer cars, a total of 263,654 units. Ford broke its negative streak and posted a slight increase of 0.4 percent with 182,951 vehicles sold from all group brands. (dpa)