Plattner Still Fully On Target

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Plattner Still Fully On Target
Plattner Still Fully On Target

Video: Plattner Still Fully On Target

Video: Plattner Still Fully On Target
Video: Hasso Plattner, SAP 2023, November

On his fuel-saving tour in the Skoda Roomster 1.4 TDI, Gerhard Plattner stays well below five liters in terms of consumption even after the fifth day. And the weather plays along too.

After the fifth day, Gerhard Plattner is still right on schedule on his fuel-saving tour through 36 European countries. With his Skoda Roomster 1.4 TDI, the Austrian has already made a detour into the hustle and bustle of traffic in Paris or, as on Thursday, to Buckingham Palace in London. Now the fuel-saving specialist is heading in the opposite direction again. Plattner arrived in Luxembourg early on Friday afternoon. "For me it is going according to plan," he told the Autogazette when he arrived.

More than 80 km / h on average

Plattner can be satisfied in several ways. For the section from London to Paris he calculated an average consumption of 4.78 liters. "That is definitely what I expected." After things were rather slow in and around London, Plattner was able to make up significant ground in his Roomster on the drive across France and drive the average speed back above the targeted 80 km / h mark. And then the weather also plays a role. It's not too hot right now. On the one hand, this makes driving easier and, on the other hand, it is also good for fuel consumption. “At a temperature of just 16 degrees, I can do without the air conditioning without any problems,” says Plattner.

141.21 euros used so far

Even looking in his wallet doesn't make him sweat. As far as the Grand Duchy, the Roomster had covered 2556 of the 15,460 kilometers on the tour. So far, 141.21 euros for diesel fuel were due at the filling stations. Of the 1000 Euro starting credit, 858.79 Euro are still available, of which as many Euro as possible should be left on July 25 at the destination in Mlada Boleslav. Plattner saves where he can anyway. In this way, he specifically selects cheap gas stations. A refueling stop in England was not an option. That would have been "too expensive".

Dense schedule of appointments

But Plattner doesn't have time to catch his breath. In Luxembourg he was already expected for an interview by the local TV station RTL. "The interest in this tour is enormous," says Plattner happily. There is no rest break anyway. At the weekend it goes via Switzerland via southern France to Spain. The three dummies with a total weight of 140 kilograms in the car and the luggage of a family of four in the trunk of the Skoda are of course still part of the party. (AG)