Girsky Announces Changes At Opel

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Girsky Announces Changes At Opel
Girsky Announces Changes At Opel

Video: Girsky Announces Changes At Opel

Video: Girsky Announces Changes At Opel
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Stephen Girsky has announced changes in course for the Opel workforce. The interim head of the Rüsselsheim company wants to stick to the restructuring course.

Opel interim boss Stephen Girsky has announced changes to the corporate strategy after «Bild» information and has asked employees to make additional efforts. “Our successful revitalization requires all of us to be willing to do business differently than before and to act quickly. Each and every one of us is responsible for the results,”Girsky wrote in an email to the Opel employees, as the newspaper reports.

Girsky wants to continue Opel renovation course

Accordingly, Girsky emphasizes that the restructuring course that has been taken will definitely continue: The “urgent work to restore sustainable profitability at Opel / Vauxhall and GM in Europe” would be continued “without interruption”.

On Thursday, on which Stracke made his withdrawal public, the restructuring plan that Stracke had presented two weeks earlier was adhered to. "The change in management has no direct impact on the restructuring plan approved by the supervisory board," said an Opel press spokesman for Autogazette. The extent to which the concept, which did not envisage any plant closings, is actually being adhered to, will probably already become apparent in the person of the Stracke successor.

Fears of deforestation among the Opel workforce

The surprising farewell to Opel CEO Karl Friedrich Stracke has stoked new fears of deforestation in the ailing car manufacturer. Insiders are convinced that the US parent General Motors (GM) will enthrone a successor who will take a harder hit. According to information from "Bild", the Opel supervisory board will meet for a special meeting next Tuesday.

IG Metall boss Berthold Huber warned the parent company General Motors against unilaterally breaking the agreements with the employee side. IG Metall is tough. It is assumed that “the guarantees for the plants and jobs will continue to apply until the end of 2016,” Huber told the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. One does not reveal a single location.

When asked what happens if GM does not adhere to the agreements, the unionist said: "I can only warn against that." If you want to give up Opel, you have to know: “That would be the most expensive plant closings that a company would have ever attempted in Germany. That would cost huge sums. " What is needed is a determined board of directors who can tackle the problems and bring Opel forward together with the workforce. (AG / dpa)