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Create A Concrete Requirement Profile

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Create A Concrete Requirement Profile
Create A Concrete Requirement Profile

Video: Create A Concrete Requirement Profile

Video: Create A Concrete Requirement Profile
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For many, spring is also the time to buy a car. But before you go to the dealer, you should have set out your specific requirements, tips for buying a new car.

In the spring, the money for buying a car is traditionally looser than usual. This year, there are also numerous new car bargains, because many dealers are dropping prices due to the sales crisis. However, the customer must observe a few principles. Seven points are particularly important.

Tips for buying a car

A precise requirement profile of the dream car simplifies the negotiation. If you go to the dealer with vague ideas, you can quickly talk into something that you don't want or need. And anyone who forgets an important cross on the option list will be annoyed afterwards. Because once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed.

And then always insist on a test drive:Even if the internet bargain appears to be a unique opportunity - anyone who only buys for photos can fall for it. Even if the seller applies pressure - no contract should be signed without a thorough inspection and a test drive. Ideally, the visit takes place in broad daylight and in dry weather. In case of doubt, it is worth hiring an expert; it costs money, but is still cheaper than a failure.

The dealer nearbyis often a better choice than a distant seller. Even if the internet enables nationwide price research among all providers: It is not always worthwhile to go further afield for a bargain price. Because if there are problems with the warranty, the dealer is always the first point of contact. But if this is hundreds of kilometers away, the price advantage is quickly wiped out again. With the voluntary manufacturer guarantee, however, every brand dealer can usually be visited.

Check contract:A thorough reading of the sales contract is actually a matter of course. Verbal promises are worthless in disputes. The car ordered must exactly match the customer's requirements. A reputable seller will also patiently and carefully answer any questions about the fine print.

Prepayment is taboo:No matter what the retailer calls it, no customer should get involved in a down payment, processing fee or contribution towards expenses, even when buying from very reputable retailers. Because if the company goes bankrupt before the vehicle is delivered, the money is gone in most cases. Payment is therefore only made when the key and vehicle documents are handed over. Securing financing: Anyone who signs a purchase agreement must have the necessary money. If, for example, a loan that has been applied for is rejected by the bank, you are still obliged to go to the car dealer. A cancellation usually costs 15 percent of the purchase price.

Investigation at the dealer's yard:When taking over, the customer must thoroughly examine the new vehicle. If he leaves the yard with an undetected damage, the chances of a later complaint are slim. (mid)

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