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«Diesel For 0.99 Cents - There Is Joy»

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«Diesel For 0.99 Cents - There Is Joy»
«Diesel For 0.99 Cents - There Is Joy»

Video: «Diesel For 0.99 Cents - There Is Joy»

Video: «Diesel For 0.99 Cents - There Is Joy»
Video: Diesel "Deisel, Go with the Fake" (Publicis Italy, Publicis NY) 2023, June

Soon it will be halftime for Gerhard Plattner on his fuel-saving tour in the Skoda Roomster. It will have replaced the damaged windshield by then, reports Plattner in his diary.

By Gerhard Plattner

Soon half of my tour through 36 countries in Europe will be over. I am currently in Greece, where I am heading north to Macedonia. Then on the weekend a little detour to Turkey follows. From there I start the second part. Half the time, half the distance, half moon. I like that. This is exactly what I imagined.

Steep mountain routes

But there is still some time until then. So far I have covered 7060 kilometers in my Skoda Roomster 1.4 TDI, so there are still 8400 to drive. When it comes to fuel costs, I even have a small buffer. In Greece a liter of diesel costs only 0.99 cents - there is joy - especially in comparison to Italy. So far, I've spent exactly 347 euros at the pump for 308.62 liters, so there are still 653 euros left of my 1000 euros starting credit. That fits. After all, fuel is becoming a little more expensive in other countries.

And also here in Greece the numerous steep sections drive up consumption significantly. It is currently 4.96 liters per 100 kilometers. But even on mountain passes, the TDI engine does not exceed the five-liter mark here. That impresses. The average speed naturally goes down through the constant cornering. But that can be made up again.

Driving on the sometimes narrow streets is also very strenuous and you sometimes need good nerves. But by crossing from Ancona to Igoumenitsa by ferry I am well recovered. That was very nice and, above all, calm.

Disc needs to be changed

The windshield doesn't leave me alone now. I had already told you about my mishap on the section to Rome. The pane has now got a crack that is 25 centimeters long. But don't worry, I have a clear view. Fortunately, the damage is on the passenger side. But I have now decided to have the disc replaced - maybe already in Thessaloniki, but maybe only in Romania. How I decide, I will of course tell you on Monday when I get in touch again.

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