Jaguar Catches Up With The XJ 8

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Jaguar Catches Up With The XJ 8
Jaguar Catches Up With The XJ 8

Video: Jaguar Catches Up With The XJ 8

Video: Jaguar Catches Up With The XJ 8
Video: Jaguar XJ8 Тест-Драйв.Anton Avtoman. 2023, September

With the new XJ, Jaguar cuts a fine figure in the luxury class. The British have thoroughly redesigned their flagship.

Stefan Grundhoff

Driving a Jaguar has always been a bit more unusual. And now the current XJ doesn't have to hide from the once overpowering competition in the luxury class. Finally, not only does the heart of a jaguar say yes, but also the head! In the practical test, the premium eight-cylinder from the island put in a good performance. The seventh generation of the XJ is by far the best.

Significant weight savings

Not much has changed with the outfit of the traditional Jaguar XJ. There are the distinctive round headlights at the front, the flat trunk lid at the rear and the elegant hips on the sidelines. Much more wiry than its predecessor, yet so emphatically unobtrusive and a touch decadent. Even the Brit's bespoke suit is high-tech. Instead of the traditional steel body, this time solid aluminum was used. Although the XJ has grown significantly, it weighs around 200 kilograms less. While the competition hovers over the road with an empty weight between 1900 and 2200 kg, the Jaguar XJ 8 weighs just under 1.7 tons. In terms of driving dynamics, every kilogram of weight saved is doubly noticeable.

Safe road holding

The rear-wheel drive car is safe even on winding country roads. The body shows no pitching or rolling movements even in the limit area; there is also precise steering and a powerful braking system that does not give up, even under constant load. The standard air suspension, which carries the passengers like on a carpet, ensures a high level of driving comfort. The chassis is pleasantly firm, never hard and well tuned. In addition, the Briton has clear safety reserves. You never have the queasy feeling that the vehicle is slipping away from you.

Appropriate engine

A 3.5-liter V8 engine with 190 KW / 258 PS ensures the propulsion is befitting. This means that the XJ 8 3.5 is extremely easy to move in view of the low overall weight. One step on the accelerator pedal, which thanks to the electrical adjustment and the brake perfectly adheres to the foot, is sufficient. The quietly rotating eight-cylinder has a maximum torque of 335 Nm and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds; the maximum speed is measured at 239 km / h. In the practical test, the XJ 8 consumed an average of 12.7 liters per 100 km. The promised standard consumption of 10.7 liters cannot be achieved in everyday use. The new standard six-speed automatic from the transmission specialist ZF delivers a convincing performance. It adapts its switching operations to the respective speed. There is no manual shift option apart from the sport mode.

The increased dimensions are immediately noticeable in the interior. The driver and front passenger sit comfortably, although the lush dimensions of the competition are also missing. The wide center tunnel takes up a lot of space. The operation is exemplary for this. The Jaguar has one or two flaws. The light switch has no place on the turn signal lever. The fog lights, which can be operated at least separately on the dashboard, are hidden above the left knee, however. The right knee is also in danger. The car key sticks out dangerously from the dashboard. In the event of an impact, this can have serious consequences. The instruments are the weak point of the otherwise elegant cockpit. They are easy to read at any time - but seem all too cheap for a luxury vehicle with its Fiesta image.

Seat ventilation is missing

Operating the navigation system is not dangerous, but extremely annoying. Touch screen is all well and good - but for safety reasons the system can only be operated while stationary. Having to stop at a readjustment of the goal - who just made it up? The excellent leather seats, which are comfortable and adapt almost perfectly to the body, are more delightful. Unfortunately, there is currently no seat ventilation. After all, that already offers the small group brother Ford Mondeo. You can also live in the back. The headroom has increased significantly. This also applies to the feel-good space of the head and legs. Among other things, the sound system can be operated in the fold-down center armrest. The flat trunk swallows at least 470 liters.

Comprehensive list of accessories

The base price for the Jaguar XJ 8 3.5 is a fitting 65,500 euros. At first glance, the standard equipment is extensive, but - like the competition - it can be expanded significantly. The security concept shows no weaknesses. In addition to ABS, front, side and head airbags, there is the DSC electronic stability program and the “ARTS” restraint system developed by Jaguar. Otherwise, automatic air conditioning, electric leather seats, 17-inch alloy wheels and CD sound system are standard.

Electrically folding exterior mirrors (400 euros) cost a surcharge, as do bi-xenon headlights (960 euros), front parking aid (240 euros), electric rear roller blind (300 euros), ski bag (340 euros) and DVD navigation system (2820 euros). A lot of money for a great car.