Mercedes C 350 Is Approaching AMG Model

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Mercedes C 350 Is Approaching AMG Model
Mercedes C 350 Is Approaching AMG Model

Video: Mercedes C 350 Is Approaching AMG Model

Video: Mercedes C 350 Is Approaching AMG Model
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The new Mercedes C 350 is intended for uncompromisingly sporty and ambitious drivers. The latest revisions have paid off, especially with the chassis.

Stefan Grundhoff

Diesel models have been the talk of the town since the recent debates on particulate matter. And so modern gasoline units could quickly rise again in the favor of the public. In the past few years, only uncompromisingly ambitious mid-range drivers opted for petrol models. It was no different at Mercedes-Benz. The C-Class is and will remain a top seller. But only a few drive the sporty version, the new C 350. Last year there was a major facelift for the 4.53 meter long Stuttgart. In particular, the engines, chassis and interior have been improved.

At eye level with the AMG model

The new top model came with a little delay. The C 350 is the petrol counterpart to the C 320 CDI, which impresses with 224 hp and 510 Nm. But the C 350 offers even more. 3.5 liter displacement, six cylinders and 200 KW / 272 PS. So you don't have to shy away from anyone in the increasingly agile C-Class; the C 350 even scratches the mighty high-performance AMG sports car.

The look of the 350, on the other hand, is rather inconspicuous. A C 200 CDI could also be in the fast lane. Only the subtle whispering sound reveals that six pots are at work here. The C 350 needs just 6.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, the top speed of 250 km / h is sealed off. Even more impressive than the dull data is the power delivery. Initially presented in the new SLK fun roadster, the V6 engine also delivers a superior performance in the mid-range version from Stuttgart. 350 Nm are already available at 2,400 rpm. The maximum torque remains at the highest level up to 5,000 tours.

Stuttgart are catching up

Exactly the right thing for those who want a little more and do not value the AMG power athlete. You can hardly be more discreet. 17-inch alloy wheels - that's about it. The driver and other road users only get a surprise during the next overtaking maneuver. The six-cylinder revs up bulky and you have to think unmistakably of the splendid specimens from BMW. The Stuttgart have caught up a lot.

With a good 1.6 tons, the 272 HP from 3.5 liters have an easy time. The seven-speed automatic does an excellent job. Unfortunately it costs extra. There are six manual gears as standard, which give you a dreamy look to Munich. If you are on the move quickly, you have to calculate with 11.5 to 13 liters of super per 100 kilometers for the C 350; but 272 hp has its price after all.

Much praise for the chassis

The chassis looks better than ever after the latest revisions. The C 350 confidently brings its power to the road. With its stiff chassis and standard 225 tires, the C 350 sits well on the road. The optional sports package with 18-inch models is not just a good choice for looks. Bumps are swallowed well despite direct coordination, but the steering could be better.

If you want even more: there is also an optional 4matic version with all-wheel drive. The interior looks classy and valuable like no other in the middle class. The seats can be adjusted precisely and the space should be more than enough for most of them. The rear is a bit narrower. The knees in particular long for the E-Class. The trunk swallows 455 liters. If you want more, fold down the back seat.

The well-made interior and the well-designed controls are one thing; the possibly mediocre standard equipment is the other. After all, the Mercedes C 350 already costs 39,498 euros. More than the good safety equipment, automatic air conditioning and cruise control are hardly on board. You can choose between the equipment variants Elegance and Avangarde. If you want to experience at least some comfort, you should at least order the seven-speed automatic (expensive 2192 euros), Parktronic (777 euros), navigation system (from 2151 euros), seat heating (348 euros) and xenon light (968 euros).