Continuation Of A Tradition

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Continuation Of A Tradition
Continuation Of A Tradition

Video: Continuation Of A Tradition

Video: Continuation Of A Tradition
Video: Villa Modern Gali. Continuation of a tradition. 2023, September

After the Twingo, Renault is returning to old traditions with the Clio. As the Gordini RS, the small car mutates into an exclusive sports car with 201 hp.

Renault's sporting division is expanding the Gordini range. After the Twingo, the Clio will also enter the race as Gordini RS from June. The small car in Renault racing optics with the striking metallic paintwork "Gordini Blue" has a 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 148 kW / 201 PS and costs at least 25,300 euros.

Two white broad stripes

In reminiscence of the racing engineer Amédée Gordini, who is considered the founder of all one-make cups, the Clio Gordini RS manages the sprint to 100 km / h in just 6.9 seconds. A torque of 215 Nm, which is available at 5400 rpm, helps the little powerhouse. The top speed is reached at 224 km / h.

The two broad white stripes that stretch from the bonnet over the roof to the rear are particularly striking. 17-inch alloy wheels and white front wings complete the sporty appearance.

ESP intervenes later

In the interior, black leather seats with blue cheeks and the Gordini emblem on the backrests welcome the driver and his passengers. The decorative lesites and the leather-clad gear lever are also kept in black. Two white stripes on the black and blue leather steering wheel mark the straight-ahead position.

An ESP is standard on board, which - to emphasize the sporty character - intervenes later than the skid blocker of the standard Clio versions. (AG)