Delivery Bottlenecks Hinder Daimler Production

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Delivery Bottlenecks Hinder Daimler Production
Delivery Bottlenecks Hinder Daimler Production

Video: Delivery Bottlenecks Hinder Daimler Production

Video: Delivery Bottlenecks Hinder Daimler Production
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Many Daimler employees have an extended Christmas vacation. Due to delivery problems, several plants will be closed for a longer period of time.

The difficulties encountered by a supplier hinder the production of passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles at the Daimler Group. Due to delivery bottlenecks for cast parts, the Christmas holidays are being extended for many Daimler employees. The Daimler truck plant in Wörth will cease production this Thursday (December 20); production there is not due to start fully again until January 14. At the Sprinterwerk Ludwigsfelde in Brandenburg, because of the delivery bottlenecks, the employees were sent to the early Christmas break on December 14th until January 9th, as a Daimler spokesman said on Tuesday in Stuttgart. The production of around 1,100 vans will fail there.

Bottlenecks in castings

The trigger for the restricted production are delivery bottlenecks for cast parts of a Swiss group of companies. Production at the 10,000-man plant in Wörth had already been partially shut down in the past few days due to the lack of cast parts.

In the car plants in Sindelfingen and Bremen, the shutdown of certain employees will be extended by two to five days over Christmas, said a Daimler spokeswoman. The shutdown begins there on December 24th. The spokeswoman emphasized that the entire production in both plants will not come to a standstill. In Sindelfingen and Bremen, the cast parts are used as housings for units. Car production is currently running normally.

Failures can be made up

The company did not provide any information about how many vehicles could not be built due to missing cast parts and how much sales the company would lose as a result. How many employees in Sindelfingen and Bremen are affected by the delivery bottlenecks has also not been quantified. The production system for passenger cars in the Daimler Group is so flexible that the failures can be made up, said the spokeswoman.

In a press release from the Daimler Group, it is said that the booming truck market in Europe is leading to high capacity utilization among manufacturers and suppliers. As capacity limits would be reached due to the unusually high market demand, there are currently delivery bottlenecks for certain supplier parts at the Wörth truck plant. “These will now be balanced out during the extended shutdown in Wörth”.

Mannheim plant not affected

The manager of the Wörth plant, Martin Daum, said: "We are assuming that we will be able to catch up on the production volumes that have failed in 2008." The Mannheim engine plant, on the other hand, is "largely" not affected by the changed production times due to its diverse supply relationships in the international production network. (dpa)