Sales Record For The Mercedes Car Group

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Sales Record For The Mercedes Car Group
Sales Record For The Mercedes Car Group

Video: Sales Record For The Mercedes Car Group

Video: Sales Record For The Mercedes Car Group
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The Mercedes Car Group set new records in the first nine months of the year. The Stuttgart-based car maker was able to achieve significant growth in all regions.

In the first three quarters of 2006, the Mercedes Car Group increased deliveries of vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and smart brands by six percent to 934,200 units. The Stuttgart car manufacturer spoke of a record in Stuttgart on Friday. In September the Car Group had sold 116,100 vehicles worldwide, compared to 117,800 cars in September the previous year.

Strong September

The DaimlerChrysler subsidiary pointed out, however, that September 2005 was an above-average month in terms of sales, which was characterized by the start-ups of the B, M, R and S-Class. In September 2006 the Mercedes-Benz brand could have matched the record level of the same month last year. 106,600 units were delivered to customers around the world. In September 2005 there were 106,500 cars. In the first three quarters of the current year, sales increased by nine percent to a record of 846,300 cars (previous year: 773,800).

Mercedes-Benz gained market shares in all regions in the first nine months, according to the announcement. Deliveries in the USA from January to September rose by 13 percent to a new record of 176,600 cars. In the Asia / Pacific region, sales growth of 19 percent to 95,900 cars by September also marked a new record. In Western Europe, too, Mercedes-Benz developed significantly better than the overall market in the first three quarters. Deliveries increased by six percent to 507,000 cars.

E-Class is flourishing

The response to the new generation of the E-Class is very good. In September demand rose by two percent to 21,000 sedans and estate models worldwide. The E-Class has been the global market leader in the luxury class segment again since July. The S-Class is further expanding its leading position in the luxury segment. In the first three quarters of 2006 around 70,000 sedans were handed over to customers, more than ever before in the company's history. The S-Class is also number 1 in its segment for diesel engines.

87,900 units of the smart brand were sold. That is 19.5 percent less than in the same period last year. However, in view of the upcoming model change for the smart fortwo and the cessation of production of the smart forfour, the figures are right on schedule.