Note Follow-up Costs

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Note Follow-up Costs
Note Follow-up Costs

Video: Note Follow-up Costs

Video: Note Follow-up Costs
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Re-imports are quite attractive for some interested parties due to the price advantage of up to 30 percent. When buying, however, certain things should be considered.

When buying a car, some bargain hunters come across re-imports. Price advantages of up to 30 percent are possible for cars from the EU. But be careful: with some cars there is a risk of follow-up costs and the savings melt away in no time. If you compare the re-import vehicle with the model intended for Germany, it is not only the final prices that must be examined.

Complete documentation

Above all, the basic equipment has to be compared with one another, because these can be very different from country to country. Customers should have the provider document all details seamlessly. The most important are airbags and other safety-relevant features. If these have to be retrofitted in accordance with the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), this will be expensive.

In terms of warranty, however, customers don't have to worry. Cars that are bought within the EU are on an equal footing with those that are bought in Germany. Customers should only be careful with shopkeepers, because in some countries the guarantee period starts from delivery to the distributor, not from approval as in Germany; a minus for cars that have been standing in the yard for a long time.

Have original papers handed over

In addition, the emission standard issued abroad must be observed when re-imports. According to the “AutoTopdeal” Internet portal, cars are sometimes rated worse than they would be in Germany. This can have tax disadvantages.

When taking delivery of the vehicle, the dealer must give the customer the original papers. In addition, the European dealer is obliged to hand over the "Certificate of Conformity" (COC). In general, customers should pay attention to the seriousness of the dealer, never pay in advance and check all documents carefully. Then some car buyers can make a good catch with a re-import without experiencing any nasty surprises. (mid)