Filter Replacement At No Extra Cost

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Filter Replacement At No Extra Cost
Filter Replacement At No Extra Cost

Video: Filter Replacement At No Extra Cost

Video: Filter Replacement At No Extra Cost
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The federal government has assured motorists further tax relief with a retrofitted defective soot filter system. An exchange in around 40,000 vehicles should not incur any additional costs for the owners, it said.

Drivers who have retrofitted their diesel vehicles with non-functioning soot filters should not be burdened by replacing them. The federal government assured this on Friday with reference to ongoing discussions with filter manufacturers, retailers and workshops. The spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Transport, Rainer Lingenthal, said that tax relief could remain in place for these cases.

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), defective filters have been installed in around 40,000 cars. "It has been shown that the authorities have been deliberately deceived here," he said.

Environment Agency must issue measurement data

Also on Friday, the Dessau-Roßlau Administrative Court ruled that the Federal Environment Agency of Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) should issue measurement data on diesel soot filters. The judge thus upheld an environmental aid complaint filed in May. The Federal Environment Agency had repeatedly asked the Federal Environment Agency to provide the measurement data since February.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) had withdrawn the operating license for retrofit filters from GAT, Bosal and Tenneco. Investigations against the Gladbeck-based company GAT have even been launched on suspicion of forgery of documents because of possible manipulations in the approval of car retrofit devices.

Vergölst changes brand

The German car service provider Vergölst announced on Friday that all soot particle filters from the manufacturers GAT, Bosal and Tenneco / Walker that had been installed by one of its specialist companies would be replaced free of charge.

"We owe that to our customers," said company spokesman Peter Groß. As a replacement, Vergölst will install retrofit kits from the manufacturer Twintec, whose high effectiveness has only recently been confirmed by several TÜVs. (AG / dpa)