Gabriel: Further Reduce Exhaust Emissions

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Gabriel: Further Reduce Exhaust Emissions
Gabriel: Further Reduce Exhaust Emissions

Video: Gabriel: Further Reduce Exhaust Emissions

Video: Gabriel: Further Reduce Exhaust Emissions
Video: EU GreenWeek 2021 - Session 7.4 Exhaust & non-exhaust emissions: putting transport research & ... 2023, September

Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel sees a further reduction in emissions standards as necessary. Stricter limit values would also mean pressure to innovate for industry, «said the SPD politician.

Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) is pushing for a further reduction in emissions standards in road traffic. "Despite considerable success, the further reduction of traffic-related environmental pollution remains an ongoing task," said Gabriel at the opening of the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair on Thursday in Hanover. The protection of the environment and economic growth are not a contradiction in terms. If measures, such as a tightening of the limit values, were announced in good time, this could also “trigger a very beneficial pressure to innovate on business and industry,” said Gabriel.

Boom in the commercial vehicle industry

The minister said the commercial vehicle industry is currently experiencing a gratifying boom. Last but not least, the early introduction of stricter emissions standards, which were also promoted through the truck toll, contributed to this. The environmental standards introduced step by step in Germany would have led to increases in productivity and increased international competitiveness. At the same time, a market for environmental technologies has developed in which Germany is a world leader, the minister emphasized.

The IAA Commercial Vehicles opened on Thursday in Hanover as a marketplace for innovations and products related to transport and logistics. The leading trade fair in the industry with more than 1500 exhibitors from 46 countries shows 253 world premieres. The fair takes place every two years. This year the partner country is Turkey.

VDA optimistic

An important topic of the fair, which runs until September 28th, is the reduction of exhaust gas values demanded by the EU. Gabriel said the technology needed was available thanks to the innovative strength of the commercial vehicle industry. "With this development, the commercial vehicle is providing pacemaker services for diesel cars."

The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) looks to the future with confidence. “There is currently no reason not to expect a good truck year in 2007,” he said. The economy for trucks and buses is running at full speed for the fourth year in a row, the order books are well filled, the capacities are fully utilized.

Meanwhile, the nature conservation association NABU called for a massive reduction in particulate matter in commercial vehicles. Most of the trucks and buses are still “sooty on the move,” said NABU Federal Managing Director Leif Miller in Berlin. Soot filters were still not part of the standard equipment on trucks and buses.