Bike Rack Test: Between Good And Dangerous

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Bike Rack Test: Between Good And Dangerous
Bike Rack Test: Between Good And Dangerous

Video: Bike Rack Test: Between Good And Dangerous

Video: Bike Rack Test: Between Good And Dangerous
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In its annual bike rack test, the ADAC rated 14 products from “good” to “poor”. The specialists give preference to taking bicycles at the rear.

Light and shadow make up the range of bike racks for cars in this country. In its current study, the ADAC, together with Stiftung Warentest, put 14 products under the microscope and rated them from "good" to "poor". It turned out that the assembly is sometimes difficult, or the journey is extremely risky.

Thule provides the test winner

Rear carriers mounted on the towbar of a car have the advantage that the wheels are not in the wind and can be loaded more easily. The Thule "Euroway G2 920" is recommended for transporting normal bicycles. With the grade good (1.6) it is the test winner. During the ride it did not cause any problems and did not slip, handling was quite easy. At 380 euros, however, it is not a bargain. The 260 Euro "Raven" from Eufab was also rated "good" (2.1) and was able to satisfy in all areas, even if it was not the best either in the driving test or in handling. On the other hand, the ride in the Montblanc "Explorer II" was dangerous. Already during an evasive maneuver at 70 km / h, the wheels fell completely from the stand, and assembly was difficult.279 euros is the proud price.

If you want to take one of the heavier e-bikes with you, you need a rear rack with a correspondingly high payload. The Atera "Strada Sport 2", which was rated "good" (1.8), is well suited for so much weight. The 325 euro expensive carrier performed respectably in the driving test and was safe despite the heavy ballast. The MFT "Aluline", the Uebler "X21 Nano", the Twinny "Load Compact RA", the Fabbri "Elektro-Bike Exkl. Dl." as well as the Westfalia "Portilo". The prices vary between 250 and 530 euros.

High fuel consumption for roof racks

An alternative to the rear luggage rack on the trailer coupling is the roof rack. However, this increases the drag coefficient and thus the fuel consumption of a car enormously, as the wind tugs at the wheels. Anyone who nevertheless decides on such a copy will find a suitable carrier in the Thule "Pro Ride 591". It costs 89 euros and was rated "good" (2.1) in the test. It was safe during the journey, only the handling is traditionally a little more difficult because the carrier has to be installed on the roof.

The carriers Atera "Giro AF", Eufab "Alu Star" and Mac Safety "First Super Bike", which cost between 25 euros and 79 euros, received "satisfactory" ratings. On the other hand, buyers have to accept significant compromises with the Mont Blanc "Discovery", the rim strips of which tore in a crash test and thus turned the bike into a dangerous projectile. He only got a "sufficient" rating in the overall rating, especially since the price of 89 euros for roof racks is quite expensive. (mid)