VDA: Further Upswing For German Manufacturers In The USA

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VDA: Further Upswing For German Manufacturers In The USA
VDA: Further Upswing For German Manufacturers In The USA

Video: VDA: Further Upswing For German Manufacturers In The USA

Video: VDA: Further Upswing For German Manufacturers In The USA
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The German automakers will also see growth in the American market in 2013. According to VDA President Matthias Wissmann, the speed will be reduced somewhat.

After a record year in 2012, the German auto industry in the USA wants to stay in the fast lane. The high speed of the previous year will probably not be repeated, said VDA President Matthias Wissmann on Monday at the start of the auto show in Detroit. "In the current year the speed on the US market will be reduced somewhat, but North America remains on a growth path."

German manufacturers benefit from the growing market

While sales in Europe are crumbling, the US market should remain on the up. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) expects that it will grow from 14.4 million vehicles sold in the previous year to over 15 million units in the current year - and that the German brands will benefit more than average.

"In view of the model offensive that our member companies are showing in Detroit, everything speaks for the fact that we will grow for the eighth year in a row," said Wissmann. "It is the German manufacturers who are setting the course for premium and efficiency here in Detroit."

Confidence in hybrid vehicles

This is one of the reasons why BMW, VW and Daimler are likely to further expand their market share from the current 8.8 percent, Wissmann hopes: "I do believe that we will again see double-digit growth across all brands." Since 2005, when the German manufacturers had a 5.1 percent market share, things have been steadily increasing year after year.

Wissmann sees room for improvement in hybrid vehicles, for example. "The latest development makes us very confident: the German brands have recently introduced numerous hybrid models on the US market, which are now gradually unfolding their effect."

VDA sees potential

Last year, German manufacturers increased their sales in the US by 21 percent to around 1.27 million, selling more cars there than ever before. The overall market grew by 13 percent to more than 14.4 million cars. "The 2012 auto year is the most successful ever for our manufacturers on the US market," said Wissmann.

The VDA also sees medium- and long-term potential for the North American market: "The US citizens are on average 37 years old =" "and thus significantly younger than the German population at 45," said Wissmann. Unlike in Germany, the population is growing, and the cars on US roads are old = " and will have to be replaced in the coming years. The record numberof up to 17 million new cars sold around the turn of the millennium will initially remain out of reach. But Wissmann is convinced: "The fascination of cars is alive again in the USA." (dpa)