Peugeot Between Racing And Hydrogen

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Peugeot Between Racing And Hydrogen
Peugeot Between Racing And Hydrogen

Video: Peugeot Between Racing And Hydrogen

Video: Peugeot Between Racing And Hydrogen
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Peugeot returns to motorsport. A racing car with a diesel engine was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. The French automobile manufacturer is also breaking new ground between emotion and environmental protection.

By Thomas Flehmer

Peugeot has taken another step into the automotive future. At the Paris Motor Show, the French automobile manufacturer presented a new

technology carrier for the future. "The concept car 207 Epure is the harbinger of a tangible future," said Peugeot brand director Frederic Saint-Geours at the unveiling in Hall 1 of the Paris Expo site.

Hydrogen comes out of the exhaust

The 207 Epure is powered by a fuel cell that the PSA Group designed together with the French atomic energy authority CEA. This gives the small car 350 kilometers and a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour. "Only steam comes out of the exhaust," says the top manager happily.

At the same time, he restricts the fact that "there are still numerous technical and economic challenges to be mastered." In plain language, as with all other competitors, it says: The technical innovation is not yet affordable, it will take a few years before the effort and income pay off.

Diesel hybrid as a transition

For the time up to the more distant fuel cell future, Peugeot is offering a diesel hybrid that has already been presented. In the 307 Hybrid HDi FAP, a diesel engine and an electric motor work together.

“By combining the advantages, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced,” says Saint-Geours. But this solution will not be ready for series production until around 2009/2010 before the expense and income pay off.

Return to motorsport

For the immediate future, Peugeot has other goals. One year after Audi, the diesel specialist will also return to the “Le Mans Series” with a diesel-powered racing car. The 908 twelve-cylinder is equipped with 5.5 liters and 700 hp. At the same time as the racing car, the street version 908 RC also celebrated its world premiere.

For Peugeot, the 908 is the challenge between sport and environmental sustainability. And unlike the hybrid and hydrogen models, quick results will be seen. If Peugeot should defeat the defending champion from Ingolstadt at the home game at Le Mans in the coming year, it will be clear whether the effort and income were worth it.