BMW 1 Series Also Doesn't Need A Bargain

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BMW 1 Series Also Doesn't Need A Bargain
BMW 1 Series Also Doesn't Need A Bargain

Video: BMW 1 Series Also Doesn't Need A Bargain

Video: BMW 1 Series Also Doesn't Need A Bargain
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The BMW 1 series is still comparatively young. If you want to buy a used compact from Munich, your wallet has to be full.

The epitome of a compact car is the VW Golf. But even this classic has changed over the generations from an inexpensive car to a very expensive purchase. However, BMW proves that there is still room for improvement in this class with the 1 series: Here you can pay dearly for brand image and technology. According to the Dekra expert organization in Stuttgart, the 1 Series is primarily a question of price for buyers of a used vehicle.

Little standard equipment

"Nothing to complain about" is initially the judgment of the experts in connection with the still young series. Technically, the vehicles have so far been inconspicuous with regard to defects. It is the drive technology in particular that BMW wanted to score with in the compact class. While the competition relies on front-wheel drive, BMW has installed the combination of a front engine and driven rear wheels in the 1 Series.

The 1 Series made its first appearance in 2004 as a four-door model with an additional tailgate. The design of the body initially sparked discussions. However, good sales figures show that customers have come to terms with it. The main advantage of the series is its good driving behavior. However, it is criticized that the space in the back seat is rather poor. Despite the comparatively high new prices of the 1 Series, the standard equipment is quite limited.

Available from 14,400 euros

The 1 Series was initially offered exclusively with four-cylinder engines. There were two petrol engines with 85 kW / 115 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS and two diesels with 90 kW / 122 PS and 120 kW / 163 PS. Another petrol engine with 95 kW / 129 PS followed in the first year of construction. In 2005, a six-cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of three liters and 195 kW / 265 hp was added to the range as the top engine. In addition, the more powerful diesel model 120d DPF with a particle filter has been available since then. The 118d DPF also appeared later.

According to the Schwacke list, the 1-series 116i base model from 2004 is traded for around 14,400 euros. A 120i of the same age costs around 17,000 euros. The prices of diesels from this year of construction are between 16,000 euros for a 118d and around 17,800 euros for a 120 d. (dpa)