Birthday Of A Flounder

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Birthday Of A Flounder
Birthday Of A Flounder

Video: Birthday Of A Flounder

Video: Birthday Of A Flounder
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30 years of the M1 sports car - BMW is thinking back to a character car. But whether there could be a resurrection, the planners are keeping a low profile.

BMW is celebrating the 30th birthday of the M1 super sports car with a new design study. As a tribute to the first self-developed car by M GmbH, the company presented the design for a new mid-engine sports car at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2008 in Cernobbio (Italy) at the weekend. According to BMW, there are no specific production plans.

Wedge-shaped flounder

The "M1 Hommage" study is intended to show what an uncompromising sports car in the style of the M1 would look like today, said press spokesman Ulrich Knieps, referring to the wedge-shaped flounder. BMW mixed the special color “Liquid Orange” especially for them. Like the predecessor presented in 1978, the study has an angular design, a flat nose with a compact BMW kidney grille, large ventilation openings on the front hood and black louvers above the rear window.

Light rings instead of folding headlights

Under a similar cover, the original M1 had a 3.5 liter six-cylinder with 204 kW / 277 hp. In addition, the designers have adopted the two BMW logos on the fins, with which the roof line was extended to the rear. And the pop-up headlights became light rings that can only be seen when the headlights are actually switched on.

No series production plans

Even 30 years after its premiere, the M1 has lost none of its charm, says Ludwig Willisch, the new head of M GmbH in Munich since January 1st. But there are currently no concrete plans for a comeback of the super sports car. "At M GmbH, too, it's not just about lust and passion, we are geared towards making a living and we have to earn money," says Willisch. "With the 456 copies from back then, we would certainly not succeed today." (dpa / gms)