Keeping A Clear View In The Tunnel

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Keeping A Clear View In The Tunnel
Keeping A Clear View In The Tunnel

Video: Keeping A Clear View In The Tunnel

Video: Keeping A Clear View In The Tunnel
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A traffic jam or even a car breakdown in a tunnel is a nightmare for many drivers. But it is precisely in such cases that it is extremely important to behave correctly.

Careful behavior can significantly improve the safety of tunnels. This is indicated by the ADAC in Munich, which presented the results of its latest tunnel test on Thursday. The behavior of road users in the tubes is "very important" for the security situation, said a spokeswoman for the automobile club. "Wrong behavior is one of the main causes of accidents and fires."

make arrangements

For example, so that you do not get stuck while driving through the tunnel and become a dangerous obstacle for other road users, you should check the fuel gauge in good time before entering. For warnings and instructions, the radio should be set to a station with traffic information. According to ADAC, you should drive in the tunnel with the dipped beam on. In order to see better, drivers should also remove sunglasses.

According to the traffic club, a large safety distance from vehicles in front must be maintained in the tunnel. This reduces the risk of rear-end collisions. The maximum speed must not be exceeded. In tunnels with oncoming traffic, it is advisable to always orientate yourself on the right edge of the road. The center line should never be crossed, turned in the tunnel or driven backwards. Stopping is only allowed in an emergency.

Beware of traffic jams

If there is a traffic jam in the tunnel, turn on the hazard warning lights and stop the car at a sufficient distance from the vehicle in front. The engine should be switched off when the machine is stationary. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, the vehicle should be parked in a breakdown bay or, as far as possible, on the right-hand side of the road with the hazard warning lights switched on. Rescue workers should be informed via the tunnel's own emergency call. When leaving the car, a safety vest should be worn and attention should be paid to the traffic.

In the event of a fire, the ADAC recommends stopping your car as far as possible from the burning vehicle on the far right, turning off the engine and leaving the ignition key in the ignition. Rescue workers can then drive the car away if it is in their way. The tunnel should then be left as quickly as possible via the signposted emergency exits. (dpa)