Bargain Hunt For Motorhomes

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Bargain Hunt For Motorhomes
Bargain Hunt For Motorhomes

Video: Bargain Hunt For Motorhomes

Video: Bargain Hunt For Motorhomes
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The travel season is over and the hunt for cheap mobile homes begins. When looking for the supposed bargain, a few things should be considered.

At the end of the motorhome season, many dealers sell rental vehicles or other used models to make room for the new ones. Whoever strikes now can get a real bargain. Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying.

Sufficient power for mobile homes over 3.5 tons

First you should look at the good piece in peace and look for hail damage, worn tires or water damage. The latter can be recognized, for example, by a musty smell in the interior, by mold stains and water marks on the furniture. According to the experts at the specialist retail chain InterCaravaning, cracked or damaged silicone seals on the windows can also be an indication of water damage.

In the case of larger motorhomes of over 3.5 tonnes, those interested should ensure that they have sufficient power to have enough breath on the mountain or when overtaking. Experts recommend an engine output of over 90 hp. When it comes to environmental properties, it is also important not to cut corners at the wrong end. Because vehicles without a sticker are cheap to buy, but they are quite expensive when it comes to taxes.

Test drive with the radio switched off

Even laypeople can test whether the electrical system works by simply trying it out. At least the functionality of the light, the refrigerator and the satellite system should be checked. When taking a test drive, it is advisable to drive over a bumpy road with the radio switched off and to watch for noticeable noises. A firm step on the brake shows whether it is still OK or not. You can - with caution - let go of the steering wheel to see whether the vehicle is pulling left or right; one-sided effect is a deficiency.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can have your dream vehicle checked by a specialist. The Campercheck is available from all InterCaravaning retail partners and specialist retail chains across Germany. (mid)