Opel Employees Vote On The Restructuring Plan

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Opel Employees Vote On The Restructuring Plan
Opel Employees Vote On The Restructuring Plan

Video: Opel Employees Vote On The Restructuring Plan

Video: Opel Employees Vote On The Restructuring Plan
Video: GM plans to restructure Opel with 8,300 job cuts, factories, vox pops 2023, October

The employees of the German Opel locations will vote on the restructuring plan separately. The employees of the plant in Bochum do not want to take part.

IG Metall lets the employees of the German Opel plants vote separately by location on the restructuring plan of the ailing automaker. This was announced by the IG Metall-Mitte district on Wednesday in Frankfurt upon request.

The workforce and works council of the plant in Bochum, which is threatened with closure, currently do not want to take part in such a vote because, in their opinion, production commitments by Opel in particular have not been clarified. "Bochum cannot currently vote on a contract that does not regulate anything for us," said Bochum works council chief Rainer Einenkel.

IG Metall praises management

For the other locations, the situation looks different, said the head of the IG Metall district in the middle, Armin Schild, of the dpa news agency in Frankfurt. "For the first time in years, our impression is that Opel management has finally learned and is taking up our suggestions in order to come up with a real plan for the future of Opel."

According to the basic agreement between the trade union, general works council and Opel in February, a collective agreement on the restructuring should be in place by March 31. Opel does not want to build any more cars in Bochum after 2016, but still wants to keep around 1200 jobs there.

Not an acceptable solution for Bochum

There is currently no acceptable solution for Bochum, said Schild. But they want to open an additional window of time for further negotiations on the future of the plant. Therefore, any approval from the Rüsselsheim, Eisenach and Kaiserslautern locations will be given a deadline for declaration. "Within this period we want to put pressure together to create a solution for Bochum," said Schild.

The Bochum plant must have good prospects as part of a sustainable overall solution. If this does not succeed within the deadline, a new consultation must be given. The rejection from one location does not automatically lead to the non-acceptance of the entire result for all others. (dpa)