Porsche Breaks 100,000 Mark Earlier

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Porsche Breaks 100,000 Mark Earlier
Porsche Breaks 100,000 Mark Earlier

Video: Porsche Breaks 100,000 Mark Earlier

Video: Porsche Breaks 100,000 Mark Earlier
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Compared to the previous year, Porsche passed the 100,000 mark one month earlier. The small minus in Germany and Europe contrasts with strong gains in the overseas regions.

The sales boom in Asia and America continued to bring Porsche huge sales. The sports car manufacturer cleared the significant hurdle of 100,000 sold vehicles after three quarters of the current year. In the first nine months of 2012, the Zuffenhausen-based company handed over 104,362 new cars to customers, as the manufacturer, which has recently become part of VW, announced in Stuttgart on Thursday. In 2011, Porsche AG did not reach the six-digit mark until one month later at the end of October, and at that time the number was a bit lower at 100,391 cars.

Porsche plans 200,000 vehicles from 2018

In a nine-month comparison, the delivery increase is 15 percent. The monthly growth to September 2011 is 13 percent. This means that Porsche sales have increased by double digits month after month since April 2012. Porsche is making up for the recently slightly declining figures in Europe with substantial increases overseas. The September minus in Europe (-5.1 percent) and on the home market of Germany (-1.3 percent) contrasts with an increase of 26 percent in the important Asia-Pacific sales region. The important region of America achieved almost a similarly high growth of 23 percent. In China, Porsche barely feels the latest economic slowdown: a 31 percent increase for September is well above the nine-month average of 25 percent.

Porsche wants to increase its sales to around 200,000 vehicles by 2018. Last year almost 120,000 cars came together. On the way towards 200,000, the new all-terrain sedan model Macan should ensure the central sales jump from 2014.

Porsche Cayenne as a draft horse

For 2013, however, Porsche boss Matthias Müller recently dampened the euphoria a little. The rapid growth from the current year can probably not be repeated, he told the dpa recently at the Paris Motor Show. Müller's head of sales, Bernhard Maier, confirmed this prospect in a statement on Thursday: "We'll keep a cool head and continue to drive on sight."

By far Porsche's strongest draft horse remains the Cayenne. The all-terrain sedan (SUV) accounts for 52 percent, more than half of the previous annual sales. The classic 911 only makes up just under every fifth entry in the sales books. (dpa)