ADAC Child Seat Test: One Fails

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ADAC Child Seat Test: One Fails
ADAC Child Seat Test: One Fails

Video: ADAC Child Seat Test: One Fails

Video: ADAC Child Seat Test: One Fails
Video: Краш-тесты детских автокресел ADAC 2020#1 на русском 2023, October

In the child seat test carried out by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest, almost half of the objects tested achieved a “good” rating. One seat completely failed the pollutant analysis.

In the second children's test in 2012, ADAC and Stiftung Warentest awarded the grade "good" six times among 13 test objects. In all of the tested classes from one to twelve years of age, the grade was "satisfactory" five times, as well as "sufficient" once and "poor" once.

Two seats rated particularly positively

With the smallest representatives in the car, the Graco Junior Baby with and without a base achieved the best rating for the baby seats in both variants in a frontal crash and also received a "recommendable" rating. In Category I, children between one and four years of age, the Römer Duo Plus and the Kiwy SPF 1 Isofix held their own.

Spread across classes I / II / III, the Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2 was convincing in terms of safety and operation, while the Takata Maxi Isofix offers the best protection for children between 4 and 12 years of age in a side impact. Together with the Römer, the seat was rated particularly positively by the testers.

More child seats with Isofix on the market

In contrast, the Bébécar Easymaxi EL received the worst rating. The seat can

convince in the safety check, but has too high a pollutant value. The seat cover tested contains harmful substances that can be harmful to children in close physical contact, it is said. There is a tendency for child seat covers to be less polluting.

Overall, there are more and more Isofix seats on the market that can be firmly anchored to the back seat. But not every car offers Isofix and so not every Isofix seat is compatible for every car. The ADAC therefore advises you to thoroughly check the seat before buying it. (AG)