Fire Hazard: BMW Calls Back A Million Cars

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Fire Hazard: BMW Calls Back A Million Cars
Fire Hazard: BMW Calls Back A Million Cars

Video: Fire Hazard: BMW Calls Back A Million Cars

Video: Fire Hazard: BMW Calls Back A Million Cars
Video: BMW Recalling 1.4 Million Vehicles For Risk Of Fires 2023, September

The car manufacturer BMW has to recall more than a million cars worldwide. There are technical difficulties with an exhaust gas recirculation cooling system. There is a risk of fire.

In this context, it is already the second wave of recalls this year, as the carmaker announced on Tuesday. Coolant could leak out of the affected diesel vehicles because of the problems. In extreme cases there is a risk of fire.

Back in August, BMW recalled and checked 106,000 cars in the country after a series of engine fires in South Korea.

Driving bans without a safety inspection

The government there had imposed a driving ban on all BMW cars without a safety inspection. Another 324,000 vehicles were ordered into the workshops in Europe - and around 50,000 vehicles in smaller Asian countries. In Germany, too, there were corresponding problems, it was said at the time. With the recent wave of recalls, 1.6 million cars are now affected worldwide.

The 1 to 7 series and BMW X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7 would be recalled in Germany as a spokesman said - but depending on the model from different production periods. Both 4- and 6-cylinder engines are affected.

Profit warning pronounced

Because of the recalls, BMW issued a profit warning at the end of September - the first in ten years. BMW announced at the time that the carmaker had to significantly reduce its sales and profit targets. In addition to the recalls, the Munich-based company cited new tariffs and the rebate battle in Europe in the course of the changeover to the new WLTP emission and consumption measurement standard.

The recall wave that has now become known had already been calculated. BMW isn't the only auto company to issue a profit warning. Daimler had already announced a decline in profit in July - for reasons similar to BMW. (dpa)