VW Polo BlueGT: Saving In Two Pots

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VW Polo BlueGT: Saving In Two Pots
VW Polo BlueGT: Saving In Two Pots

Video: VW Polo BlueGT: Saving In Two Pots

Video: VW Polo BlueGT: Saving In Two Pots
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VW celebrated a double premiere with the Polo BlueGT at the Geneva Motor Show. The engine of the small car has been newly developed, and for the first time in a Volkswagen two cylinders are switched off.

VW presents the Polo BlueGT with a mix of economy and dynamism. The small car is equipped with the newly developed 1.4 TSI, which has an output of 103 kW / 104 PS. VW specifies consumption as 4.7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers, which is reduced by a further 0.2 liters when the seven-speed double clutch is used and thus only blows 105 grams of CO2 per kilometer into the air.

VW Polo BlueGT switches off the cylinders

In addition to the downsizing of the unit and the use of Bluemotion Technology with a stop-start system and recuperation, the cylinder deactivation system, which is the first in a Volkswagen, ensures further consumption savings.

In the case of low and medium load conditions, the second and third cylinders switch off and ensure a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 0.4 liters. At a constant speed of 50, up to one liter of petrol can be saved over 100 kilometers.

No prices for the VW Polo BlueGT yet

At the same time, the Polo BlueGT can also offer its sporty side. It takes 7.9 seconds from a standstill towards a speed of 100 km / h. The top speed is reached at 210 km / h.

Then, however, the cylinders do not switch off and consumption skyrockets. The new one will be on the market in July, VW has not yet given any prices. (AG / TF)