On Mondays To The Gas Pump

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On Mondays To The Gas Pump
On Mondays To The Gas Pump

Video: On Mondays To The Gas Pump

Video: On Mondays To The Gas Pump
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Regular refueling on a Friday is expensive. According to the ADAC, Monday is the cheapest day to visit the gas station.

Drivers who visit the gas station on Fridays have to pay over five cents more for a liter of diesel than on Mondays. According to a study by ADAC of the average daily fuel prices for the whole of 2011, Monday was the cheapest day to fill the tank.

Price difference of up to 5.3 cents

According to the traffic club, a liter of Super E10 cost an average of 1.498 euros on Mondays and was four cents cheaper than on Fridays. For diesel fuel, there was a difference of 5.3 cents per liter.

While on Fridays an average of 1.433 euros per liter was handed over to the gas station attendant, on Mondays it was an average of just 1.380 euros per liter.

Price difference constantly increasing

The results of the investigation also confirm the consistency of previous years. From 2008 to 2010, too, Friday was the day with the highest price increases. And Monday also proved to be the cheapest day for refueling except in 2010. In 2010, however, it was Sunday.

However, there are differences in the price difference. In 2010 the difference between the most expensive and cheapest day was only 3.4 cents for premium gasoline and 3.7 cents for diesel fuel.

ADAC expects changed strategies

However, the ADAC expects that the oil companies will change their previous pricing strategies and - as has been the case recently - raise prices on the weekends.

The Verkehrsclub therefore recommends not only keeping an eye on the cheapest days of the week, but also comparing the prices of several petrol stations. This not only spares your wallet, but also strengthens competition. (AG)