Harald Krüger Becomes The New BMW Boss

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Harald Krüger Becomes The New BMW Boss
Harald Krüger Becomes The New BMW Boss

Video: Harald Krüger Becomes The New BMW Boss

Video: Harald Krüger Becomes The New BMW Boss
Video: BMW CEO Harald Krueger collapses on stage at motor show - Daily Mail 2023, October

BMW initiates the generation change: Harald Krüger replaces Norbert Reithofer at the head of the car manufacturer, who is to become the chairman of the supervisory board.

BMW is initiating a generation change: the previous Chief Production Officer, Harald Krüger (49), will replace Norbert Reithofer at the head of BMW as CEO on May 13, 2015. This was decided by the company's supervisory board at its meeting on Tuesday.

At the end of the company's general meeting, Norbert Reithofer will then replace the previous chairman of the supervisory board, Joachim Milberg. Milberg, who will then resign, will take on a leading role in the BMW Group in the foundation sector. As BMW announced, Reithofer was asked by the supervisory board and in agreement with the shareholders who hold more than 25 percent of the voting rights to make himself available for election to the supervisory body on May 13, 2015.

Maintain leadership

“The BMW Group should retain its leading role in the premium segment of the automotive industry in the future. To do this, it is necessary to hand over the responsibility for the further development of the company to future generations in good time,”said Milberg on Tuesday after the supervisory board meeting in Munich.

As the deputy chairman of the supervisory board, Stefan Quandt, said, the decisions made to replace the chairman of the board of directors and supervisory board have initiated a generation change, "which combines the necessary continuity and experience in the company with the creative power of the younger generation".

Harald Krüger has been with BMW since 1992 and has been a member of the Board of Management since December 1, 2008. The 49-year-old was responsible for human resources and social affairs until June 30, 2012, before assuming responsibility on the Board of Management for Mini, Motorcycle, Rolls-Royce and the Aftersales division of the BMW Group. Since April 1 of last year, the qualified engineer has been the head of production.

Head of Development Diess changes to VW

Norbert Reithofer has been with BMW since 1987 and has been at the helm of the car manufacturer since September 2006. "During his time as CEO, Mr. Reithofer raised the company to a new level of success, expanded its leading position in the premium segment and at the same time prepared it strategically for the future - these achievements deserve our highest recognition," praised Milberg.

The supervisory board also appointed a new development director on Tuesday. The previous incumbent Herbert Diess will be the brand director for the core brand VW Pkw from October of next year. Klaus Fröhlich will succeed Diess at BMW, who was most recently responsible for the small and medium-sized model series. (AG / FM)