A Tank For The S-Class
A Tank For The S-Class

Video: A Tank For The S-Class

Video: A Tank For The S-Class
Video: SIGELEI COMPAK S-CLASS | ну так... 2023, October

Mercedes now offers the new generation of the S-Class with special protection equipment. However, a car driver's license may no longer be enough to drive.

One year after the market launch, Mercedes has now also launched the S-Class with special protection equipment

Too difficult for a car driver's license

The vehicles are based on the S 600 with a long wheelbase and are modified by hand in the shell. The prices for the so-called "Guard" version start at 382,800 euros.

As part of the renovation, the passenger cell will be encapsulated with steel parts, some centimeter thick, high-strength mats made of aramid fabric and arm-thick panes made of armored glass so that even shots from military rifles cannot penetrate.

Anti-poison gas system

However, the measures will increase the weight of the vehicle by 1.5 tons. Strictly speaking, the Panzer S-Class is no longer a car: Since the total weight is now 4.2 tonnes, the driver must be able to show a truck driver's license - at least if he has obtained his driver's license according to the class that has been in force since 1998. Definition made. Since then, 3.5 tons mark the limit for car driving licenses.

The special equipment of the car also includes puncture-proof tires, intercom, special telephones and a few extras that could almost come from the stock of the James Bond films: automatic fire extinguisher for the engine compartment and floor of the car, fresh air system to protect against toxic gas attacks and a device with which the trunk can be opened from the inside - for example in the event that the customer is to be kidnapped in his own vehicle.