Mercedes E63 S AMG: Without Compromise

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Mercedes E63 S AMG: Without Compromise
Mercedes E63 S AMG: Without Compromise

Video: Mercedes E63 S AMG: Without Compromise

Video: Mercedes E63 S AMG: Without Compromise
Video: D3 Mercedes AMG E63S Рождённый Мёртвым! 2023, October

Mercedes has ushered in the age of electromobility with the EQ brand. But at the other end of the scale there is also the sports car subsidiary AMG - and they are now introducing the E63 S.

Let's forget everything we knew about the E-Class business sedan. Mercedes turns the good farm animal into a monster for managers and taxi customers. The AMG version has 450 kW / 612 PS under the hood, which is distributed to all four wheels by an eight-cylinder twin turbo. Up to 300 km / h are possible, and the E 63 S accelerates to 100 km / h in three and a half seconds. The price has not yet been determined, but should start at over 100,000 euros.

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche had just made a guest appearance at the Greens, drove up in the S-Class with hybrid drive to the eco-party conference. It is unthinkable if the tie-free CEO would have chosen another model with a Mercedes star, the new E 63. With his thick four-liter eight-cylinder, he would have swelled the hatred cap of many delegates to a format never seen before.

Outwardly not intrusive

The most powerful E-Class of all time fulfills everything that annoys critics. Far too much horsepower, far too high consumption in everyday use, far too fast for the traffic around it and far too expensive for normal wage earners. All of this buzzes through your head before you let yourself fall into the sports seats of the E 63 for the first test drive. Looked at soberly, one expects at least one technical and optical masterpiece that arouses curiosity, despite the reason-driven reservations. After all, hordes of engineers had no evil in their minds when they set out to find a good car from Dr. Turn Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

From the outside, the new AMG version is conspicuous, but not intrusive. The front section is only allowed to carry this E-Class in this form. New radiator grille with double louvre, huge air inlets under the headlights and the license plate. In addition, the wider wheel arches, which were necessary because of the 1.7 centimeter track. The side paneled rocker panels are noticeable, which visually push the E 63 down a little. The rear end is dominated by the spoiler integrated in the trunk lid and the large apron that accommodates two chrome-plated twin tailpipes. The work of the designers rightly deserves the title “elegant sportiness”.

Anyone who is familiar with the E-Class will find their way around the AMG interior quickly, but will have to familiarize themselves with some new displays on the two broad monitors, which provide more or less exciting information, especially on trips to the racetrack. Of course, the proud owner will be pampered with high-quality materials and excellent seats, and can also use the certainly rich but not yet known price list depending on the account balance. So much for everything pure Mercedes.

Eight cylinders purr gently

After the start of the first exploration tour, the E 63 is initially unspectacular. The eight cylinders purr surprisingly gently, thanks to the enormous pulling power of 850 Newton meters, low speeds are sufficient for leisurely swimming along in everyday traffic. The electronics repeatedly shut down half of the cylinders, unnoticed by the driver. This saves fuel and, above all, helps to reduce consumption to below nine liters according to the currently applicable, highly controversial standard. Of course, all of this only applies if the comfort mode is activated on the small rotary switch in the center console.

Anyone who spends so much money on a sports sedan will often use this switch to select the sports level. Then the Mercedes twists through the nine gears of the automatic. In addition, contrary to its original purpose, this E-Class is becoming a roaring brother. After all, passers-by or those just overtaken should not be concealed from what is shooting past. But everything within the permitted legal framework, assures Mercedes. Another technical highlight proves its worth while chasing curves around the serpentines up to a remote racetrack. The completely new developed all-wheel drive distributes the power so ingeniously that even after tight bends, power comes back to the wheels immediately. The super brain decides on which ones in fractions of a second. Incidentally, in addition to the expected sportiness, the AMG also offers a great plus in safety when the courageous amateur racer runs out of talent.

Newly developed chassis

Mercedes E63 S AMG new Daimler
Mercedes E63 S AMG new Daimler

In addition, there is a newly developed chassis, of course extremely effective brakes, the usual precise steering and all the electronic assistance systems that the bulging Mercedes shelf provides. The latter, however, can be deactivated in various ways on the racetrack. The then wild E-Class can be animated to drift until the tires make the rubber smoke. The tire dealer will be happy, as will the gas station attendant. Because the hunger of the bolide is miles away from the norm mentioned. Sure, because the eight cylinders slaving away at this pace want to be fed to animate the two turbos to top performance. The wealthy owners will hardly care how much the gold credit card is charged.

These additional costs are primarily debited from American accounts. Most of the two E 63 versions will probably find their fans in the USA, who will then primarily opt for the power version. Although there is still an AMG without an "S" on offer, which with 420 kW / 571 PS keeps a respectful distance from the 600 PS limit. For him, the assumed starting price of over 100,000 euros applies.

Whatever AMG, this newcomer will cause heated discussions. Especially with those who will probably never find the opportunity to experience it from within. The few hundred pieces that are sold each year in Germany shouldn't change the world. Perhaps, however, direct your gaze to the venerable Stuttgart company even more in the direction of sportiness. Even if there is not a little Nico Rosberg in every star driver. (SP-X)