Whoever Made The Party Has To Clean Up Too

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Whoever Made The Party Has To Clean Up Too
Whoever Made The Party Has To Clean Up Too

Video: Whoever Made The Party Has To Clean Up Too

Video: Whoever Made The Party Has To Clean Up Too
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The discussions about diesel retrofitting will continue before the decision expected on Monday. The CDU workers' wing called for retrofitting at the expense of the car manufacturer and found clear words.

The Federal Environment Ministry is calling for diesel retrofitting to protect against driving bans in cities, including for commuters who live further away. "If you were to make a 70-kilometer limit, for example, you would exclude a whole lot of people who take long journeys to work from such a retrofit regulation," said State Secretary Florian Pronold (SPD) on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk.


An agreement on a package with new measures is sought in the coalition committee of the Union and SPD this Monday. There are also further demands from the CDU for hardware retrofitting at the expense of the auto industry.

Chafing for incentives to buy

Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) is primarily relying on manufacturers' new incentives to buy so that diesel owners can replace older cars with cleaner ones. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) also sees this as the “main element”. In addition, for cars with Euro 5 standards, there are options for retrofitting the exhaust technology on the engine. Scheuer had suggested this for car owners in ten cities and a radius of 70 kilometers each. According to coalition circles, a difficult point in the talks is that manufacturers have so far not been willing to pay 100 percent for retrofitting.

Pronold emphasized that it must also be in the interests of the auto companies "that they move and take clear steps towards the buyers". Diesel drivers should not be asked to pay for this. Over the weekend, the question of whether manufacturers accept liability for modifications to engines must also be clarified.

Clear position of the CDA

The Hessian Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) reiterated his demand for hardware retrofits. “In the end, a solution is needed in which those who have bought a car have no damage,” he said on Deutschlandfunk. If it involves so much effort with certain cars that it doesn't make sense, other solutions might be possible. Bouffier called compensation or exchanges. A court recently ordered driving bans for Frankfurt am Main from 2019. In view of this, Merkel opened up for engine modifications after having argued against it for a long time. A new state parliament will be elected in Hessen on October 28th.

The CDU workers' wing also called for hardware retrofits at the expense of the car companies, which have made high profits in recent years. "Now there must also be money for the consequences of your wrong decisions," said Karl-Josef Laumann, chairman of the Christian Democratic Workers' Union (CDA), on Saturday. «Whoever had the party also has to clean up. As simple as that." (dpa)