Audi Celebrates Another Record Month

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Audi Celebrates Another Record Month
Audi Celebrates Another Record Month

Video: Audi Celebrates Another Record Month

Video: Audi Celebrates Another Record Month
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Audi is going against the trend. While the automotive industry suffered severe sales losses, the Ingolstadt-based company was able to report new records.

Audi set new sales records in May. The premium manufacturer from Ingolstadt was able to deliver more than 87,000 vehicles. That is an increase of over ten percent compared to the same month last year (79,114). While foreign business was also able to offset the losses on the domestic market with the other manufacturers, Audi also reported 24,416 deliveries in Germany, an increase of 3.5 percent compared to May last year.

Ambitious goals

“The figures from all regions are extremely positive; Especially in the USA and China, our most important foreign markets, the record values are a decisive signal. But I am particularly pleased that we are picking up so strongly in the young growth markets,”said Ralph Weyler.

The Board Member for Marketing and Sales also underlined the goals of Audi AG: "The consistently positive results from both the traditionally strong and the young markets make me look forward to our goal of being the most successful premium brand by 2015."

Tremendous gains in the UK and Russia

Audi recorded the strongest growth in Great Britain with growth of 26.5 percent (8,476 compared to 6,703) and Russia. Here, Audi delivered 1,357 vehicles, 80.5 percent more vehicles than in the previous year (752).

In North and South America, the 20 percent mark was exceeded. Over 10,500 vehicles were sold here, almost 2000 more than in the same month last year. In the USA, record growth of 23.4 percent was even reported. This number was outbid in the Middle East, albeit with numbers in the three-digit range, and in the Asia-Pacific region (plus 26 percent). Here in China alone, with 7717 cars, an increase of 30.1 percent was achieved. (AG)