Biofuels Regulation Will Be Stopped

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Biofuels Regulation Will Be Stopped
Biofuels Regulation Will Be Stopped

Video: Biofuels Regulation Will Be Stopped

Video: Biofuels Regulation Will Be Stopped
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After weeks of discussion about E10 compatibility for many older cars, the end is now coming. The figures from the VDIK were decisive.

The decision to stop the controversial biofuel regulation is final, according to Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). "In environmental policy, we will not be responsible for sending a few million drivers, who usually drive old cars because they don't earn that much money, to the expensive super-plus gas stations," said Gabriel on ARD «Morning Magazine». He had expressed himself accordingly in the "Bild" newspaper. The matter is decided. There will be no long and unsettling debates about retrofitting options or postponements, said the minister of the ARD.

Import vehicles particularly affected

According to Gabriel, the figures from the foreign automakers were the decisive factors for the decision. Accordingly, well over three million imported vehicles with gasoline engines would not tolerate a doubling of the bioethanol share in fuel from 5 to 10 percent. At the German manufacturers around 189,000 cars are affected. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) had spoken of 375,000 vehicles that would not tolerate the organic mixture and would have to fill up with the Super Plus, which is around 15 cents more expensive. Gabriel had announced that he would stop his plans if over a million cars were affected.

Regulation should help auto industry

On ARD, the minister rejected the blame for the end of the biofuel regulation from himself and his ministry: "I don't know where we screwed up" when the auto industry corrects its figures. In addition, the regulation had no environmental objectives. Rather, the coalition wanted to help the German auto industry to achieve its climate goals more cheaply by adding more biofuels. The minister underlined that a bio-admixture of seven percent would remain in diesel vehicles, since these engines are less sensitive.

Same standards for everyone

Gabriel said in the ARD that the end of the biofuel regulation "does not mean the end of the biofuel strategy". An “unbelievably dishonest debate about biofuels” will divert attention away from the actual causes of the climate and rainforest problems. The same import standards should apply to fuels, biogas, but also to agriculture and the margarine industry. (dpa)