Hybrid Drive Conquers Small Cars

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Hybrid Drive Conquers Small Cars
Hybrid Drive Conquers Small Cars

Video: Hybrid Drive Conquers Small Cars

Video: Hybrid Drive Conquers Small Cars
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Honda and Toyota expand their hybrid fleet. For the first time, small cars are being equipped with two engines.

The hybrid drive is now also being used in small cars. The Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota are giving their little ones a twin engine. The aim is to make the alternative drive affordable for a broader population. The two hybrid models Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris will be launched on the market from 2011.

Debut in Paris

The Honda Jazz Hybrid will celebrate its world premiere at this year's Paris Motor Show (October 2nd to 17th). The propulsion is carried out by the electric-petrol combination already known from the Civic, CR-Z and Insight models, which is coupled with a CVT transmission for power transmission.

The consumption of the small car is reduced to 4.4 liters of Super per 100 kilometers, the CO2 emissions amount to 104 grams per kilometer according to internal manufacturer tests. IMA batteries, which are attached under the trunk floor, serve as energy storage. The manufacturer will not announce the price for its small hybrid until a later date; the market launch is planned for spring 2011.

Waiting for the Yaris

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid rolls along with a twin engine under the hood. Technical details are currently largely unknown. However, the manufacturer will probably draw on the other hybrid models, especially the compact Prius. The hybrid small car is expected to hit the market in Japan in 2011.

The price will probably be around 11,000 euros. The Germans, on the other hand, have to wait a little longer: the European version is to roll off the assembly line at the French plant in Valenciennes. The production facility will initially be expanded before series production begins in 2012. (mid)