Hope For The Opel Plant In Antwerp

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Hope For The Opel Plant In Antwerp
Hope For The Opel Plant In Antwerp

Video: Hope For The Opel Plant In Antwerp

Video: Hope For The Opel Plant In Antwerp
Video: The Last Opel Manta GM Plant 1 in Antwerp 2023, September

The workers at the Opel plant in Antwerp can hope again. Magna wants to examine ways in which the production facility in Belgium can continue to operate.

The designated Opel parent company Magna is looking for ways to save the threatened Antwerp location after all. The decision not to close it would facilitate the negotiations on the job cuts at the car manufacturer that continued on Friday and could at the same time alleviate the concerns of the Belgian government and the EU Commission - and thus a major hurdle for the Opel takeover by the supplier and its Russian partners get out of the way.

Small off-road vehicle

As the news magazine «Der Spiegel» reported, a small off-road vehicle based on the Corsa could not be produced in China as planned, but in Antwerp. However, the model should not come onto the market until the end of 2011 at the earliest, and the plant would have no employment until then. It is therefore being investigated whether the start of production can be brought forward and whether the Belgian state bridges the gap with short-time work and further training measures.

The European Opel works councils and the trade unions had made the preservation of all locations a condition for the employee's annual savings contribution of 265 million euros. On Monday, Opel, General Motors Europe, Magna and the European Opel employee representatives decided to set up a working group to look for alternatives for the future of the Antwerp plant.

EU approval

Such a solution could also appeal to the EU Commission, which has so far been skeptical of a takeover of Opel by the automotive supplier Magna. According to "Spiegel", the Commission's Directorate-General for Competition is asking the Federal Government to provide extensive information on all aspects of the business - from loan terms to pension obligations - in a six-page catalog of questions.

The EU Commission is particularly critical of the decision in favor of Magna and thus against the second bidder, the financial investor RHJI. Brussels wanted to know "why the German government rejected the offer from RHJI at a very early stage", although this provided for "significantly less state aid and fewer job cuts, lower unit production costs and faster repayment of the aid," writes the "Spiegel".

Meanwhile, IG Metall ruled out the closure of an Opel plant in Europe again. The Frankfurt IG Metall district chairman and Opel supervisory board Armin Schild Armin Schild told the German press agency dpa: "We cannot elicit a contribution from the workforce for New Opel if it finances its own downfall." The heads of government and prime ministers would have to stop just thinking about their own Opel locations, he said. "If we do not leave the box of regional interests, it will not be possible to rescue Opel." According to Schild, the European Union's criticism of state aid for Opel does not change the rescue strategy.

"We firmly assume that the measures adopted are also in the interests of the EU Commission and comply with EU law." The union will be involved in a European solution in which the different collective bargaining requirements would have to be adjusted. “In England, for example, there is no Christmas bonus. A solution must also be found for this. " (dpa)