Aigner: Consumers Need Reliable Information

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Aigner: Consumers Need Reliable Information
Aigner: Consumers Need Reliable Information

Video: Aigner: Consumers Need Reliable Information

Video: Aigner: Consumers Need Reliable Information
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After the gasoline summit on E10, Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner called for the agreements made on Tuesday to be implemented quickly. The suspension of the introduction of the agro-fuel was never an issue.

Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) has asked petrol stations, car workshops and car manufacturers to quickly provide drivers with sufficient information about the compatibility of E10 biofuel.

Implement the agreement on E10 quickly

The agreements of the «petrol summit» had to be implemented quickly, said Aigner of the German press agency in Berlin. "It is now important that consumers receive reliable information, both on site at the petrol stations and at the car workshops, for example, or via the Internet or a hotline".

Drivers could use the serial number or vehicle number to determine whether their automaker has made a binding declaration that the car can handle fuel with ten percent ethanol, said the consumer minister. The government, business and associations agreed on Tuesday to better educate drivers about the compatibility of E10. However, all those involved are sticking to the biofuel.

Suspending the introduction was not an issue

Suspending the further introduction was not an issue for the government, business and consumer advocates, according to the minister: "A postponement was unanimously rejected because you now have to force communication and also force information," said the CSU politician. "To this end, all those involved who were present have urgently committed themselves in order to lead the way towards the goal of renewable energies."

The consumer minister showed understanding for the previous E10 boycott of some motorists: "I would behave in the same way as a consumer if I didn't know whether my car could handle it or not." Aigner drives a diesel himself, but according to his own information he was always up to date on the E10 debate. (dpa)