No Winter Tires: High Fines Abroad

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No Winter Tires: High Fines Abroad
No Winter Tires: High Fines Abroad

Video: No Winter Tires: High Fines Abroad

Video: No Winter Tires: High Fines Abroad
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Anyone traveling abroad without winter tires will be asked to pay a lot. In the event of a serious security risk, the authorities can charge 5000 euros.

Winter tires will soon be mandatory in this country. The Federal Council is expected to change the road traffic regulations in November. Anyone found with summer tires in winter road conditions should then have to pay 40 euros. If the vehicle hinders traffic, it costs 80 euros, and there should be a point in Flensburg. In other European countries, however, significantly higher fines are sometimes due, as TÜV Süd reports.

Austria at the top

Austria is at the top. If drivers are driving here between November 1st and April 15th in snow, slush or ice with tires without M&S marking, it can cost 35 euros, in cases with a high safety risk even up to 5,000 euros. Alternatively, snow chains may be fitted to summer tires on a road that is completely covered with snow or ice.

It can also get expensive in France. If the traffic signs stipulate winter tires, 90 euros wander into the state purse when driving with summer tires. If you are on the road without snow chains despite the regulations, then

35 euros change hands.

Anyone traveling to Italy in winter should inquire about the regional regulations of their destination region. The Carabinieri charge 78 euros if motorists violate the respective regulations. It is advisable to take snow chains with you, because they are also accepted as an alternative when mounted on summer tires.

There is no general requirement for winter tires in Switzerland. However, if a car with summer tires hinders traffic, fines are due, and in the event of an accident, the driver must reckon with considerable complicity. (Mid)