Trend Mobile With A Monetary Benefit

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Trend Mobile With A Monetary Benefit
Trend Mobile With A Monetary Benefit

Video: Trend Mobile With A Monetary Benefit

Video: Trend Mobile With A Monetary Benefit
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The big and heavy SUVs are currently in a difficult position. Even a used X5 from BMW can be bought cheaply - defects are almost impossible.

Trends have one disadvantage: at some point they are over. For a few years, for example, it was considered chic to go shopping in a fairly expensive, fairly heavy and powerful classy SUV. Usually such a car was called an SUV: Sports Utility Vehicle. In the meantime, however, this trend is a thing of the past, and all-wheel drive giants who drink fuel are looked at rather crookedly. But there is also an advantage: used SUVs are comparatively cheap today - for example the BMW X5. And in the breakdown statistics of the ADAC it is not bad at all.

Inaccurate fuel gauge and dead batteries

According to the automobile club, the BMW X5 is one of the most reliable vehicles and has no main defects. Occasionally, however, turbocharger defects have occurred in the diesel engines and malfunctions in the engine management system. In some cases, an inaccurate fuel gauge has also led to involuntary stops. A few defective automatic transmissions were also registered. And the X5 shares one shortcoming with numerous cars in which there are various electrical helpers: discharged batteries.

The X5 appeared at the end of 1999. In the following model years, the engine range was initially expanded, and in 2003 the first generation received a facelift. The successor replaced the original X5 in Germany at the beginning of 2007.

Abundant performance

Numerous engines were offered to drive the four-wheel drive, which weighed more than two tons. What they all have in common is the comparatively generous performance. Depending on the model year, a six-cylinder engine with 170 kW / 231 hp is usually the entry-level model for gasoline engines. The upper limit is only reached at 408 kW / 555 PS in the decidedly sporty M model. The diesels produce 135 kW / 184 PS to 210 kW / 286 PS.

According to the Schwacke list, an X5 3.0i from 2000 should be available today for 10,800 euros. A diesel model X5 3.0 d from 2004 is in the list for 19,150 euros. A second-generation X5 xDrive48i from the year of construction 2008 costs around 48,300 euros when used. (dpa / tmn)