Money Used Up On Scrapping Bonus

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Money Used Up On Scrapping Bonus
Money Used Up On Scrapping Bonus

Video: Money Used Up On Scrapping Bonus

Video: Money Used Up On Scrapping Bonus
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The responsible Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (Bafa) had received 900,000 applications by Wednesday. According to the previous guidelines, however, only 600,000 applications can be approved.

The number of applications for the scrappage bonus is increasing rapidly. By Wednesday morning (11 a.m.) almost 900,000 applications had been made, said the spokesman for the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (Bafa), Holger Beutel, in Eschborn near Frankfurt. «It's going on very quickly. We didn't assume that so many applications were still outstanding."

Already 900,000 applications

According to the funding guidelines currently available to the Office, only 600,000 of the almost 900,000 applications could be approved. However, the federal government had declared that the funding should apply unchanged until the end of the year. To implement it, the Federal Ministry of Economics has to officially extend the directive, said Beutel. Originally, only 1.5 billion euros were budgeted for the premium, through which the state subsidizes the purchase of a new car with 2500 euros.

The technical problems with the online applications were not completely resolved on Wednesday. "There are still bottlenecks," said Beutel. However, this is not due to the office's computers, but to a lack of capacity on the Internet. The office could not change that.

Since Monday it has been mandatory to submit applications online. Among the applicants are currently many citizens who have already ordered a new car but have only been able to submit the application since Monday because of the delivery times of the car. The number of applications using the old, written procedure is around 441,000. A further 453,000 applications have so far been counted using the online procedure.

No hasty scrapping

Bag defended the switch to the Internet procedure. According to projections by the office, 6000 working hours are required to open 400,000 letters alone. This no longer applies to the new online applications.

Meanwhile, the waste disposal industry warned citizens to rush to scrap old cars. Only in order to get the 2,500 euros, vehicles would meanwhile be “blindly” scrapped, “although good revenues can certainly still be achieved with this,” said Ulrich Leuning, the managing director of the Federal Association of German Steel Recycling and Waste Management Companies (BDSV) Saarbrücker Zeitung »(Thursday). "Panic has apparently broken out" among many drivers. The Federal Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Disposal (bvse), to which numerous scrapping companies are also affiliated, warned of hysteria. (dpa)