BMW Drivers Are Considered Arrogant And Fat

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BMW Drivers Are Considered Arrogant And Fat
BMW Drivers Are Considered Arrogant And Fat

Video: BMW Drivers Are Considered Arrogant And Fat

Video: BMW Drivers Are Considered Arrogant And Fat
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There are supposed to be customers who buy a certain car because of the promised brand image. But reality and reality are far apart here, if you believe the results of a survey.

If you want to communicate your own social position to the environment, you can also use the status symbol car. But caution is advised. Because the manufacturer's image promises do not always reach the viewer.

BMW tries to present itself to the public as a particularly sporty brand. In a survey of 1,000 Germans by the consulting agency Progenium, not even half of those questioned approved of the drivers of the Munich brand being particularly dynamic. With 48 percent of passers-by, BMW drivers are just ahead of Dacia (44 percent) and well behind Mini in this regard(84 percent), Smart (80 percent) and Ferrari (72 percent). On the other hand, drivers of the brand are considered to be quite arrogant, serious and fat than the average. In terms of positive characteristics, they are assumed to be cosmopolitan and attractive. Politically, she classifies the population in the black and yellow camp.

Dacia drivers are considered unattractive

The results of the Romanian low-cost brand Dacia show that modesty and frugality when buying a car do not automatically create a super image. In the eyes of the Germans, their drivers are seen as unattractive, very fat, not very wealthy and stuffy. The latter, although the brand likes to position itself in advertising as the choice for non-conformist revolutionaries. After all, modesty is often mentioned as a positive trait.

According to the survey, those who value a youthful image should most likely choose a model from Smart, Seat or Mini. At the other end of the presumed age range are Jaguars, Mercedes and Ferrari. The order of the presumed financial resources of the drivers is almost a mirror image. While a modest budget is presumed behind the choice of Smart, Seat and Mini, drivers from Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes are believed to be particularly solvent.

Mercedes is considered a philistine brand

According to the survey, the philistine brand per se is Mercedes, followed by Opel and Ford. On the other hand, drivers from Peugeot, Toyota and Fiat are assumed to be cosmopolitan. Cars from Mini, Peugeot and Jaguar make cars particularly attractive, while models from Dacia, Hyundai and Opel have the opposite effect. According to the people, those who are fat usually drive a Mercedes, Dacia and Ford. Slender people can be found at the wheel of a Mini, Smart or Fiat.

If you are unsure of the results, you can also choose a completely average model and VW is the right address for you. The vehicles of the market leader make their owners look mediocre in the best sense of the word. Almost all the properties asked are in the middle range. The only positive difference is the assumed modesty and environmental friendliness. At the same time, the drivers are seen as slightly narrow-minded and a little unattractive. (SP-X)