Renault At The Top Of The Importers For The Last Time

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Renault At The Top Of The Importers For The Last Time
Renault At The Top Of The Importers For The Last Time

Video: Renault At The Top Of The Importers For The Last Time

Video: Renault At The Top Of The Importers For The Last Time
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Renault / Dacia finished the year as the best importer in Germany for the 22nd time in a row. Due to changed regulations of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the 22nd time will be the last for the time being.

By Thomas Flehmer

Renault / Dacia remains the front runner among importers in Germany. Despite a loss of six percent, the Brühl-based importer is the most successful foreign automobile manufacturer on the German market for the 22nd time in a row with 170,000 cars and light commercial vehicles sold and a market share of over 5.15 percent. "The Renault Group has held up well in a transition year with numerous models at the end of their life cycle and a sharply declining private customer market, and achieved gratifying results in many areas with the Renault and Dacia brands," said Achim Schaible, CEO of Renault Deutschland AG the Renault Annual Press Conference 2013 in Düsseldorf.

Hyundai and Kia come to 5.1 percent

Without commercial vehicles, the market share is 4.9 percent and 150,740 cars sold. Renault / Dacia is just ahead of Skoda. The Czech VW subsidiary has a 4.8 percent market share with 147,197 sales and an increase of 3.2 percent compared to the previous year.

Hyundai was even able to gain 16.1 percent. The Koreans only have a market share of more than 3.3 percent with 100,875 sales. But together with subsidiary Kia, which achieved a market share of over 1.8 percent in 54,798 cars sold, the South Koreans would take the top importer. In contrast to Renault / Dacia, both brands are listed separately.

Brands are separated

However, the KBA has changed the regulations for this year. "From January the statistics will be optimized, then the fragments of the vehicle identification numbers will be separated," said KBA spokeswoman Anna-Lena Wismar of the Autogazette, "as a result, the brands currently listed together, such as Dacia / Renault, BMW / Mini, Nissan / Infiniti or Toyota / Lexus are listed separately."

Skoda would then become the undisputed front-runner among importers as early as this January. Because the Renault brand was only able to sell 106,000 cars in 2012, which corresponds to a market share of 3.44 percent. The change in leadership seems to have been programmed.

VW lonely in the lead

On the other hand, a change with the domestic manufacturers is excluded. Despite a decline of two percent, VW is clearly in the lead with a market share of 21.8 percent. The share of German brands is 64.1 percent.

Of the German manufacturers, only the VW subsidiaries Audi with 6.3 percent and Porsche with 9.8 percent were able to record gains. Mercedes had to accept a small loss of 0.9 percent. Ford with a minus of 10.7 percent and Opel with 16.1 percent had to accept significant losses compared to the previous year.