Kia Opirus: Greetings From Mercedes

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Kia Opirus: Greetings From Mercedes
Kia Opirus: Greetings From Mercedes

Video: Kia Opirus: Greetings From Mercedes

Video: Kia Opirus: Greetings From Mercedes

The Korean car manufacturer Kia is now trying to gain a foothold in the upper class in Germany. And mercilessly copes with the competition from Untertückheim.

Stefan Grundhoff

The great role model of the Korean automaker Kia cannot be overlooked. Finally, the upper-class model Opirus clearly borrows from the well-known vehicles from Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. From the outside, the Kia luxury sedan is reminiscent of the predecessor of the current Mercedes E-Class, type W 210. The striking four-eye face and the radiator grille look similar to the Stuttgart model. Only the turn signals with innovative LED technology in the front apron show their own style. The lush dimensions are more reminiscent of a Mercedes S-Class; after all, the Opirus has a stately length of five meters that is elegantly packaged.

Familiar sight

However, the sideline and rear end have their very own face. The steeply sloping rear window in the US-Asia look of the late 80s is characteristic. This provides plenty of headroom in the generously dimensioned rear. In general, the Korean luxury sedan is a lot of fun, especially in the interior.

The backlit instruments in the dashboard also look familiar. There are light wood applications on all corners and ends. The seats are pleasantly comfortable. Only the lateral support should be a bit stronger. Only the headrests have to be adjusted manually on the Oprius.

The entire interior looks very high quality. Unfortunately, the steering column levers seem too cheap and the control units for the lights do not belong on the indicator lever. The center console does not fit into the otherwise good picture either. There, where the navigation screen should be enthroned, there is only a plastic watch, lush and useless. The standard automatic climate control works better than it looks.

It becomes more pleasant in the rear. Due to the 2.80 meter long wheelbase, traveling in the Kia Opirus is extremely pleasant. The seats are very comfortable; unfortunately there is no electrical adjustment. After all, there are also heated seats in the rear and separate climate control, which can only be operated from the front. An electric rear blind is missing. The trunk has a capacity of 480 liters.

High consumption

The Kia Opirus is powered by the well-known 3.5-liter V6 engine. The front-wheel drive makes 149 KW / 203 PS and a torque of 298 Nm at 3,500 rpm. This means that the almost two-tonne colossus is no wonder when it comes to liveliness, but it is motorized in keeping with its class. The top speed is 220 km / h, the 0-100 km / h sprint is done by the Kia in 9.2 seconds. The average consumption should be 11.4 liters per 100 km - petrol mind you. Unfortunately, the Kia only manages the sluggish Euro 3 / D 4 emissions standard.

Only with automatic transmission


The V6 engine runs silky smooth and its characteristics adapt exactly to the general conditions of the Opirus. The chassis is very comfortably tuned, but does not appear too soft in normal operation.

Those who like to be more agile on the road will be bothered by the noticeable pitching and rolling movements as well as the indirect steering. Despite the heavy body, the front-wheel drive Opirus is easy to control at all times. If necessary, the standard ESP intervenes. The five-step automatic also works calmly and confidently; even with strong acceleration it sometimes makes a somewhat disoriented impression.

Almost complete equipment package

The security equipment of the Kia Opirus leaves nothing to be desired. ESP, ABS, active head restraints, front, side and head airbags are all available as standard equipment. For a price of 36,600 euros, everything that belongs in a luxury sedan is on board: electric leather seats, heated seats front and rear, xenon lights, cruise control, parking control, electronic damper adjustment, automatic air conditioning and a cool box. The premium Kia is also equipped with a Becker radio navigation system.

On-screen navigation can, however, be requested in a luxury sedan. Metallic paint (400 euros) and an electric sunroof (700 euros) are available for an extra charge.