Accused VW Manager Denies Allegations

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Accused VW Manager Denies Allegations
Accused VW Manager Denies Allegations

Video: Accused VW Manager Denies Allegations

Video: Accused VW Manager Denies Allegations
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The VW manager arrested last month in the US denies the allegations against him in the wake of the emissions scandal. The former manager is accused of having covered up the manipulations.

A Volkswagen manager accused in the USA of alleged involvement in the emissions scandal has dismissed the allegations. At a court hearing in Detroit, the German's lawyer, who in the worst case could face 169 years in prison, pleaded innocent on Thursday. The 48-year-old was arrested by the FBI in Florida last month. Until March 2015 he was responsible for environmental issues in the USA in a leading position at VW.

The man is one of six current and former executives who want to prosecute the US judiciary in the diesel affair. The employees are, however, more likely to be assigned to middle management or the second tier than the top management. The investigators have little access to the other defendants, as they are allowed to stay in Germany and are not threatened with extradition. The managers are accused of being part of a conspiracy to commit fraud and breach environmental laws.

Deliberate false testimony and destruction of evidence

The man who is to be tried in Detroit is particularly accused of trying to cover up exhaust gas manipulations and to mislead investigators. The 39-page complaint encompasses a number of allegations from deliberate false statements to the destruction of evidence. According to eyewitnesses, the long-time VW employee appeared in court in red prison clothes and remained silent throughout the hearing.

His lawyer announced a new attempt to bail his clientto get free. A corresponding application had already been rejected by a court in Miami in January. He also demanded that the defendant be transferred to another prison, as well as reading glasses and medication. Next, the man is to be brought before the responsible judge, Sean Cox. A date for this has not yet been set, said a court spokesman.

VW is paying $ 24 billion so far

VW has already pleaded guilty to US criminal proceedings at corporate level, admitted criminal acts, and agreed to a $ 4.3 billion settlement with the US Department of Justice. The settlement has yet to be approved by Judge Cox.

Overall, VW has already accepted comparisons of around $ 24 billion in the USA and Canada. In September 2015, the group admitted that it had manipulated exhaust gas values in diesel vehicles on a large scale. (dpa)