ADAC Test: Clean Breaks In Transit

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ADAC Test: Clean Breaks In Transit
ADAC Test: Clean Breaks In Transit

Video: ADAC Test: Clean Breaks In Transit

Video: ADAC Test: Clean Breaks In Transit
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The ADAC took a close look at 50 unmanaged rest areas along the motorways. The break rooms with sanitary facilities performed better than their reputation.

They are not necessarily the first point of contact when the bladder signals its needs on the highway. But according to an ADAC test carried out last summer and autumn, the unmanaged rest areas are better than their reputation.

Three quarters of the 50 systems tested received a “good” or “sufficient” rating, eight times a “poor” rating. With four systems it was only enough for one “very poor”.

Sanitary facilities as the main criterion in the ADAC test

The most important test criterion for the auditors was the condition of the sanitary facilities. "Almost all of the sanitary facilities were or were less well-kept and externally clean," said the traffic club. However, around half of the facilities lacked soap and the opportunity to dry off one's hands.

The testers also took so-called contact samples in order to be able to determine the number of germs. Only twelve percent of the samples were harmless, while the lack of cleaning was evident in the other samples. In some systems, the samples even contained germs that are harmful to health. Only 37 percent of the rest areas were handicapped accessible.

Cappeln Hagelage West test winner

The Cappeln Hagelage West rest area on the A1 (Bremen - Cologne) stood out as the test winner. Overall, it presented itself as well-groomed, clean, well-lit, shielded with a noise barrier and barrier-free.

At the other end of the tableau is the Drackensteiner Hang facility on the A 8 (Munich - Stuttgart), which did not even achieve half of the evaluation points. The poorly equipped and neglected system underpins the image of avoiding such a control point, even if the bladder registers needs.