Mazzanti Is Increasing The Evantra

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Mazzanti Is Increasing The Evantra
Mazzanti Is Increasing The Evantra

Video: Mazzanti Is Increasing The Evantra

Video: Mazzanti Is Increasing The Evantra
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Mazzanti distributes more horsepower to a new variant of the Evantra V8. As the 771, the hypercar from Italy offers not only increased performance, but also a more eye-catching look.

Since 2013, the Italian sports car manufacturer Mazzanti has been offering a special class sports car, the Evantra V8. With an impressive 552 kW / 751 PS, the hypercar enables breathtaking performance.

For the first time at the Bologna Motor Show at the beginning of December 2016, Mazzanti presented a new variant called the 771, which, in addition to a high-performance injection, had a more eye-catching look.

Gold accents in the front of the Mazzanti Evantra 771

As the suffix 771 already suggests, the special Evantra can put the rear wheels under even more pressure thanks to 20 additional horsepower. Among other things, the 1.3-ton truck carries its ample power in the flanks. The number 771 in the blue exterior color stands out clearly from the golden stripes in the side indentations.

The Evantra also offers gold accents in the front, on the mirror housings and the mighty rims. In addition, Mazzanti has slightly optimized the aerodynamics. Compared to the standard model, the front splitter, the air opening on the roof and the mirror housing on the 771 have been changed.

Mazzanti Evantra 771 manages 360 km / h

The driving performance is likely to improve marginally, despite the power injection and aero fine-tuning. It doesn't have to be faster, because the standard Evantra with a sprint time of three seconds and a top speed of 360 km / h is beyond any doubt. The 771, which will be available from the beginning of 2017, will not be cheap, as the Evantra V8 already costs around 800,000 euros. (SP-X)