Audi Is Preparing The Departure Of The Automatic

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Audi Is Preparing The Departure Of The Automatic
Audi Is Preparing The Departure Of The Automatic

Video: Audi Is Preparing The Departure Of The Automatic

Video: Audi Is Preparing The Departure Of The Automatic
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Audi will be offering a new dual clutch transmission for higher torques this year. The future belongs to the DSG, especially with the mainstream models, said VW transmission boss Thomas Metzner.

Audi is preparing the start of a new dual clutch transmission. As the manufacturer announced on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show, there will be a further developed “S tronic” in 2008. For the first time, it is also suitable for longitudinally installed engines, for higher torques of up to 550 Nm and for the Quattro drive with Thorsen differential. It will make its debut in the compact Q5 off-road vehicle, said press spokesman Udo Rügheimer.

Switch without interruption

According to Rügheimer, however, the transmission is suitable for all vehicles with longitudinal engines and should also be used in the A4 and A5 model families in particular. Until now, the use of double clutches in the VW Group - apart from the Bugatti - was limited to transversely installed engines with a maximum of 320 Nm and front or all-wheel drive with a so-called Haldex clutch.

The new “S tronic” has seven gears that can be changed either automatically or with shift paddles on the steering wheel. Because the next gear is already engaged on a second clutch before the first clutch disengages, the gears can be changed without noticeable interruption of the tractive effort. This should increase comfort and improve the ability to accelerate.

Triumphant advance begins

This solution also offers significant consumption benefits, says Michael Schöffmann, who heads transmission development at Audi. In the first test drives, he found an average consumption that was around ten percent lower than with the conventional manual transmission. “We save a lot more compared to the automatic converter,” says Schöffmann.

After VW transmission boss Frank-Thomas Metzner had recently announced the slow end of the automatic with torque converter, Schöffmann also believes that the “S tronic” will triumph. The conventional technology offers advantages in the luxury class and in some off-road vehicles. "But with mainstream models like the A3 or the A4, the future in Europe clearly belongs to the double clutch." (dpa / gms)