KBA: Increased Values also From Other Manufacturers

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KBA: Increased Values also From Other Manufacturers
KBA: Increased Values also From Other Manufacturers

Video: KBA: Increased Values also From Other Manufacturers

Video: KBA: Increased Values also From Other Manufacturers
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The Federal Motor Transport Authority is scrutinizing more than 50 vehicles from domestic and foreign manufacturers for possible manipulation. There were references to certain models from third parties.

Since the end of September, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has been investigating over 50 vehicles for tampering, especially in the case of nitrogen oxides, after VW became aware of the emissions scandal. In addition to the current vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, the authority checks certain models that are far ahead in the registration statistics. In addition, the KBA has received information from third parties "which aroused an interest in the investigation of certain models," as KBA press spokesman Stephan Immen confirmed at the request of the Autogazette. Names were not mentioned, but the information should be assigned "a certain significance", so Immen.

Talks with manufacturers are pending

The tests of the pollutant emissions are measured both on the roller dynamometer and by so-called Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) on the road. Around two thirds of the measurements have already been carried out, according to the KBA. In some cases, increased nitrogen oxide values have been found under different driving and environmental conditions. Models from Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Opel, Ford, Porsche, Smart and VW were tested. The importers checked models from Alfa Romeo, Renault, Toyota, Land Rover, Mazda and Volvo, among others.

However, the authority could not yet give any legally reliable results, since discussions with the manufacturers concerned and the approval authorities were still pending in order to evaluate the data obtained. It has not yet been possible to say how long this period will last.

Greenpeace renews criticism of Dobrindt

Although no official results have yet been established, Greenpeace's energy expert Andree Böhling has already gone on the offensive. “It is now official what many have suspected for weeks: we are not dealing with a VW scandal, but with an industry scandal. The heads of the auto companies are not only jeopardizing their credibility with legalized cheating, they are also responsible for cases of asthma and other lung diseases if their cars are too dirty."

At the same time, Böhling again criticized the Federal Transport Minister, who should ensure that cars comply with existing limit values. "Alexander Dobrindt is not the vicarious agent of the auto industry, but has to represent the interests of the population. But Minister Dobrindt failed in this, as the KBA itself has now demonstrated. In future, an independent European supervisory authority must force manufacturers to comply with applicable limit values." (AG / TF)