Discounts On New Car Purchases Are Increasing Again

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Discounts On New Car Purchases Are Increasing Again
Discounts On New Car Purchases Are Increasing Again

Video: Discounts On New Car Purchases Are Increasing Again

Video: Discounts On New Car Purchases Are Increasing Again
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New car buyers can look forward to it. According to a current study by the University of Duisburg-Essen, the discounts have increased slightly again. The car manufacturers are currently focusing more on sales promotions.

Germany's car buyers can get higher discounts when buying a new car. As a study by the Car Center Automotive Research at the University of Duisburg-Essen shows, the discounts rose again in May after a slight recovery in the previous month.

According to the scientists, the reason for this lies in the still unstable German car market. Manufacturers are responding to weak demand with stronger sales campaigns and tactical approvals. In addition, the increased discounts offered by internet brokers have also led to an increase in the discount level.

The example of VW shows that the market is still in crisis. According to the study, Europe's largest car manufacturer is intensifying the discount competition among manufacturers. For example, the VW Up small car is offered through dealers at discounts of up to 17 percent. For the VW Polo and the VW Golf, 23 percent are in it, whereby customers can purchase the Golf Cabrio 20 percent below the list price.

More sales promotions from manufacturers

The discount level is also increasing at internet retailers. The Polo can be bought there 18 percent below the list price and a price discount of 16 percent is possible for the VW Tiguan and 17 percent for the VW Touran. With a total of 385 sales campaigns by manufacturers identified by the researchers, an average customer benefit of 11.5 percent was achieved.

The customer can achieve even higher discounts on individual sales promotions by the manufacturer. At GM subsidiary Chevrolet, a discount of 2850 euros or 24 percent is possible on the Aveo small car "through the combination of special offer price and special financing". The Jeep Wrangler can be ordered with a price saving of 4000 euros and the Jeep Compass for 5250 euros (20.8 percent). There is a huge discount of 8,000 euros (21.1 percent) for the Lancia Voyager. Corsa, Insignia and the Zafira Tourer can each be purchased at 17 percent cheaper with a special leasing offer from the Rüsselsheim car manufacturer Opel.

At Internet dealers, customers can get an average of 18.3 percent discount on new vehicle purchases for the 30 most popular model series in the private customer business, 0.5 percent more than in the previous month. In May 2010 the discount at internet retailers was still 14.5 percent on average. (AG / FM)